One of the worst exploits in the history of the game Ban wave in DC Universe Online

Today, we have suspended over 800 accounts for the scandalous use of the error introduced in 119 game updates. In anticipation of a further investigation, we expect that most or all of these suspensions will be transformed into fixed locks in January.

It’s about Bug / Exploit, which was discovered after the premiere of Game Update 119. This error caused that all game systems related to Fortify (e.g. reagents or extensions) were subject to uncontrolled transformations.

In this way, some subjects losing or gained on Item Level, which in turn caused that our characters became weaker or stronger.

Conscious players deliberately manipulated this element and raised their CR (Combat Rating). It was they who were punished by Daybreak Games Studios.

One of the DUO producers even said that it was one of the worst, the most unclear and most demanding bugs / exploits, which he met in the last 12 years (i.e. from the moment of the game’s premiere).

The situation was serious, but fortunately it’s already the past. After a few days, the mistake has been repaired, and Daybreak will do our best to make something similar in subsequent updates.

Details here.