Kojima could have teased a new game

Video Kolyma is doing well in the video game industry. And now, fans are effervescence with a new possible game that could come from Kolyma Productions.

On social networks, Kolyma has published a greeting card wishing to happy holiday fans at the sight of all. What is interesting is not the message; This is the image. Drawn by his longtime employee Yogi Shankara is a beautiful work of art. But none of the characters are known to one of the games on which he has worked — and perhaps any other game currently in the industry.

This can mean that these characters could be part of a next Kolyma Productions game. We have seen nothing from the studio since the initial exit of Death Stranding, released in 2019. There could currently be a developing game at the studio.

But, there is the fact that Kolyma Productions also creates new divisions that will diversify in other media sectors, including television. They may not be characters from a video game that we see, but those of one of the future emissions of Kolyma Productions.

However, this must be taken with a grain of salt. Kolyma has already created mascots for the game studio, temporary mascots that he has published on social networks. We have already seen the teaser of the man wearing a jaw bone displaying a helmet, which could be considered a mascot.

Nothing has been confirmed by the Studio Director or Kolyma Productions for the moment. But it is obvious, since it is the holiday season and people take a well deserved rest, on social networks and others.

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Perhaps excitement is a sign of how much we love Kolyma’s genius in the video game industry — and how much we hope to have news from Kolyma and the game studio in 2022.

In your opinion, what are these characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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