PlayStation Plus surprises PS4 and PS5 players with a free extension

Sony is surprising PlayStation PLUS subscribers in PS4 and PS5 with a free extension. Christmas is in the rear-view mirror and the Christmas season is coming to an end. This week, Sony revealed the free PS Plus games that subscribers are getting for January, and it is a great line of PS4 and PS5 games. That said, as well as more free games, some subscribers get free extensions in their email. Unfortunately, it seems that this raffle is not only limited, but completely random.

If you have not already done so, check your email and make sure it is associated with your PlayStation account. Sony has begun sending emails to selected users with a free 10-day extension. Why is this doing this, we do not know. Nor do we know how users are selected or how many users are being selected or if the raffle is still under way or finished. We almost do not have any information because Sony has not said a word on the raffle. We only know about its existence because PlayStation Plus subscribers have begun to inform Reddit, Twitter and other places that received an email with an extension.

What we do know is that to be in the group of this raffle, you must first be a subscriber of PlayStation and two, your account should allow promotional emails. Many subscribers deactivate this functionality because they do not want their email to be crowded with Promotional PlayStation emails. And this makes sense, but as a result you will lose opportunities like this.

Does anyone else have received this? From
PlayStation Vue.

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As always, we will keep you informed as the situation evolves. In other words, if more information is provided, official or unofficial, history will be updated with such information.

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