WhatsApp Hammer: New Update fixes great problem

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The messaging service WhatsApp has rolled out an update for voice messages. The new feature is already available for all users.

Germany — who often sends voice messages via WhatsApp, knows the problem: in the middle of the recording hashed or promises suddenly. So far, there were only two options in this case: Nevertheless, send or delete the failed message. With the current update, this problem is fixed. How the whole works, white preview.

WhatsApp with practical update — voice messages get preview function

The beta-portal Wabreta-Info had already informed weeks ago that the WhatsApp is thinking at the voice message function. Now the update is available for all users.

On Twitter, the Messenger announces the feature on Tuesday (14 December) as Voice Message Preview — i.e. the preview of voice messages. Thanks to the new preview, practical ones can stop and listen to users with their recorded voice messages, thanks to the new preview (News around Digital on preview).

WhatsApp update: Listen to your own language messages before sending — that’s how it works

Specifically, WhatsApp introduces a stop button with which the messages can be stopped. This is how language messages can now be checked before sending:

WhatsApp: Useful voice message function still has a hook

With the preview, it is also possible to listen to a certain point in the message — so you do not have to listen from the front. Especially with long news that is of course useful. For those who tend to speak way too long, the innovation also has a completely different benefit: you look at a glance, how many minutes the recording is already running.

The only drawback in the new feature: a pause function is not there — after the listening you can not continue the message. There are only two options: delete or send. preview is part of the editorial network blip.media.

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