[Tech] Easus, CES 2022 OLED Gaming Monitor Rog SWIFT PG42UQ release

OLED is the only drawback of Sleds, the warm is severer than other panels, as well as ASUS thaws the knowledge for main boards, graphics cards, as well as laptop air conditioning to OLED panels, and concentrates on cooling down with personalized warmth sinks as well as internal air flow design styles. We maintained a temperature level that does not minimize the number and go beyond of times.

Global Consumer Laptop and also Gaming Laptop Market Brand ASUS (ASUS) has a gaming display aimed at the OLED monitor market worldwide’s largest worldwide digital product fair CES 2022 ‘Asus Dog Swift PG42UQ’ and also ‘Asus Dog Swift PG48UQ’.

The main requirements of the monitor itself is also high. As much as 120Hz scanning price support, 0.1 ms feedback speed, variable reproduction, and also automated low-delay setting, and screen tearing (tearing) is reduced, and the game display can be seen extra clearly.

Additionally, the Eases released a variety of video gaming gears in addition to the PC gaming screen. Dog Strip Flare II Animate (Key-board), Dog Chakra X (Computer Mouse), Dog Blend II 500/ Fusion II 300 (Headset), Dog Wireless Keyboard, 8000Hz Video Gaming Keyboard, Dog Wire Video Gaming Headset, TWS Video gaming Earphones, etc. DOG Video Gaming Gear Line is anticipated to be launched in 1 ~ 2Q this year.

#CES2022 ASUS 'The Rise of Gamers Launch Event' | ROG - LIVE REACTION
Both items are 42 inches, 48 inches, along with computer customers in addition to console customers, and 4K resolution is equipped. Dog SWIFT PG42UQ and also Dog SWIFT PG48UQ have two HDMI 2.0 ports, DP 1.4 as well as HDMI 2.1 ports. On top of that, a taken care of speed link (NRL) (NRL) (NRL) modern technology allows you to enjoy the latest console games without a chroma subsystem that imposes the shade distinction information of the image in a 4K 120Hz environment.