Valve cancels the Major of Dota 2, but they are already working on an alternative

Due to the problems that the pandemic continues to occasionally, it was recently revealed that the Major tournament of Data 2, the Mob de Valve, would be canceled. Immediately, this caused the disgust of players, professionals and commentators, faced with the lack of tact in this regard. Now, a few moments ago, Valve issued an apology and has pointed out that an alternative is already in process.

A few hours ago, Matthew Bailey, director of Team Secret Operations, shared a message that Valve sent the different professional teams, where he apologized for the abrupt cancellation message, and have pointed out that they are discussing the possibilities of a tournament online. This was what was commented about:

We have taken note of your disappointment about the cancellation of the first major. We have made the decision based on a number of factors, some related omicron, others related to logistics problems for some players due to omicron, and others with respect to the will of some organizers to carry out the event.

We had to have done a better job by keeping them somewhat about the risks of the event, and we should also have chosen a different option on how to conclude the first season. We apologize for that.

We are working on a plan to see if we can join everyone in a location and play the tournament in LAN. Obviously, this competition will have a number of limitations, considering the current situation of the world. We will give you an update when we have something more concrete.

While this gives hope to all professional players at the moment there is no official plan to replace the face-to-face Major tournament that was planned to carry out. Similarly, Nothing guarantees that an online tournament is the substitute that Valve is looking for.

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