Project Zomboid Build 41 Multiplayer Guide: How to play with friends

Project Zombie is located since 2014 in the Early Access Steam and has since been continuously updated. This article is a guide for players who either quickly come online to their friends or to host their servers without the hassles with technical details. In addition, players learn about ways that their servers can be adapted to their expectations. This will mainly focus on how Steam can be used to streamline the process.

How to play with friends in Project Zombie

Participating in a session is fairly simple. If you know a friend who has just hosting or locates a server, you can find it easily in your Friends list, as long as it appears online, and there should be options for Project Zombie displayed. What do you look for is the option to take part in its meeting? Click it and you’re on the go. Alternatively, you can in the Join to their server looking up Internet and not Favorites select and enter your server name in the Name filter at the bottom left, select your server and click Join. Then you have to build only your character according to your specifications and go into the game world. Make sure that you add the server as a favorite, it will also use it in the future!

How to host

Creating a server in Project Zombie is simple enough. Just click on the main menu Host and decide on the details of the server name and the memory settings, but you do not care too much about the time being these details. On the right side there is an option called Manage Settings and then you will see options to create new settings or to edit settings if they want to edit it. After you specify a name for the settings, you will be treated with a wide range of options to the multiplayer experience of Project Zombie optimize for you and your friends. This includes how your server is displayed in the search function in the game as well as in Steam, which you can customize by name, and whether it is public and therefore, friends or strangers, is equally visible to others.

You can also customize certain functions such as presets to change the world in the game of an apocalypse to a more peaceful building and survival simulation. You can even customize the rarity of prey, which can help to make the survival experience easier or more challenging, depending on how easy it is to find associations, food and ammunition. The server can be modified so that it also has up to 126 players. Once you have selected your settings, save it and click again on the menu Host Game and click on the bottom left of Start. You can also choose if you are invisible as host in God mode or.

The addition of players is after all much easier via Steam because you simply open the pause menu, you can invite friends button click and either the box that says Decline, which will change to Allow to give them to you can join. Or better yet, select the friend you want to invite, by name as soon as it appears, and click below on Invite. You get a simple invitation via Steam, which they can click to join. Project Zombie invited players even recommends not to run the game before they receive the invitation, and after accepting a message is displayed that prompts them to announce that the game is open with special parameters, they just have to OK click and they will do it be in your game.

It’s a dangerous world out there

Once all are on, you will quickly discover that you are spawned each time the same place. That’s okay! Even if this is the case, there is a part of the charm of this game is to take care of themselves while navigating on the map in the game and find a safe place where you can meet and make your group of survivors. Once you have done this, you will find that you have much to learn, to adapt and to cross the infected landscapes of Kentucky.

Project Zombie Build 41 was released on December 20, 2021, and the multiplayer was equally a hit at players and streamers. The developers of the game, The Indie Stone, have recalled the players that despite this improvement, they are always working to improve the experience in the future. The establishment of the multiplayer experience can be something frustrating, and navigating in the menus if you want to host your own server can be confusing, but we will gladly help you to give an insight we can.