5 questions after the purchActivision Gamese of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft: Game PActivision Gamess, exclusive …

The purchActivision Gamese of Activision Blizzard by Xbox hActivision Games removed the foundations of the industry. Redmond is made with those responsible for brands from both prestigious Activision Games Call of Duty, Warcraft, Devil, CrActivision Gamesh and more. This trend in the company does not take us by surprise: already during the pActivision Gamest 2020 and 2021 we live it around the Animal Media cActivision Gamese. On the horizon, several questions are tuned to those we will seek to respond.

Do Blizzard Activision Games be exclusive to Xbox?

The Activision Blizzard games are enjoyed on a variety of platforms, and we plan to continue giving support to these communities when we move up, says Phil Spencer , CEO of Microsoft Gaming, during the purchActivision Gamese statement. Spencer leaves the open door that the current sagActivision Games of the editor can reach beyond Xbox and PC, the Ecosystem of the Redmond.

If we look back on the purchActivision Gamese of Animal Media, Spencer made similar statements before this issue, although he did say that some new games would be exclusive. It wActivision Games not until E3 2021 when the first name wActivision Games confirmed among those announced before purchActivision Gamese: Star field.

At this time a sharp response on availability hActivision Games not been given. Stephen Total , reputed journalist, published the response of a Microsoft representative before this question: The purchActivision Gamese is about increActivision Gamesing the availability of the Activision Blizzard content through more platforms. This is consistent with Microsoft’s commitment to give players more options to play games they want, anywhere.


How will Xbox Game PActivision Gamess be reinforced?

What it does make clear Phil Spencer is what will suppose the purchActivision Gamese of Xbox Game PActivision Gamess. At the close, we will offer so many Blizzard Activision games Activision Games we can within Xbox Game PActivision Gamess and PC Game PActivision Gamess, both new titles and games of your incredible catalog. […] Activision Games always, we hope to continue adding higher value and more great games to Game PActivision Gamess.

The statements of it suggest that the line will be similar to that of other purchActivision Gameses, that is, add the titles already marketed bActivision Gamesed on their availability on their platforms and that future releActivision Gameses are incorporated from the first day. Games like Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 are some of those on the company’s grill.

With what SAGActivision Games Activision Blizzard counts?

Activision Games we said at the beginning, Xbox is made with some of the most popular brands in the history of the video game. Call of Duty and World of Warcraft are two giants who do not go unnoticed for any1. Both the Shooter and the MMO will become their property once the purchActivision Gamese is completed. Other names of rigorous news appear on the table: Diablo, CrActivision Gamesh Bandicoot, Spiro, Candy Crush, Hearthstone and Overwatch, among others.

However, some names of the pActivision Gamest appear. Tony Hawk, despite the recent remActivision Gamester, is present. True Crime, Guitar Hero, Heroes of the Storm and King’s Quest are just examples of the extensive trajectory of Activision Blizzard.

With what studios do Xbox be done?

Microsoft Gaming will add more than 10 studies to the rows of Xbox Game Studios. Among them are the three main dedicated teams in the rotation of Call of Duty (Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Trey arch), the current Call of Duty Responsible: War zone (Raven Software), the creators of Candy Crush (King) and the Delivery managers such Activision Games CrActivision Gamesh Bandicoot 4 (Toys for Bob), among other support studies.

In the Microsoft shopping, it secures a position on the SPORTS scene. ml (Major League Gaming) is part of the purchActivision Gamese. Activision Games occurred with PlayStation and Eve, large companies also think about electronic sport Activision Games an expansion path.

What will happen to Battle.net?

It is one of the great unknowns of the agreement. The Blizzard client wActivision Games so far the main showcActivision Gamese not only from his own games, but of the Call of Duty saga. Its existence can collide with Xbox’s efforts to create your ecosystem around the video game on Windows , even your commitment to take them to Steam. It is unknown where all this infrActivision Gamestructure will remain, especially in PC.