Análisis de Nobody Saves the World

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The creators of Guacamole do what they best know: give a round of a genre established with great grace.

When one carries a good handful of titles of a genre behind him, it is inevitable to end up trusting a series of springs that arise from rules not written on st1. That block is suspicious, there is a mushroom O in this room there is a lot of ammunition, now a final boss are examples of something that will be very familiar to all the players. Cleaning Skeleton Mammogram and Goblins is no exception, since the dungeon crawlers to the devil also follow patterns that we recognize at first sight. Statistics, MANA, Equipment, Improvements, Weapons and a long, etcetera of common elements come to the head when we talk about a genre that, in essence, tries to distribute hosts, Lotote and level up. And although we do not usually repair it, one of the most striking elements of these odes to the spades, the orcs and the fireballs is the choice of our character and his class, and the early — and unfair — oath of loyalty that we pronounce Even if you even start the adventure.

Nobody Saves The World is passed all this through the Arc de Triomphe.

Basic information

Developer: Drink box Studios
Editor: Drink box Studios
Platforms: X / S Series, One, PC
Proven version: X Series
Availability: 01/18/2022

Which is not quite surprising. Drink box, the study responsible for this title, is not alien to study a genre and give it a good turn while providing values ​​that, ultimately, do but contribute difference over the other games. Thus, Guacamole 1 and 2 — Metroidvanias where there are — stood out for its freshness, color, an impeccable combat and a sense of bright humor that propelled even more its already precise rhythm. With this background, few will be escaped that, for a server, the perspective that Drink box was developing a action RPG was, in the worst case, one of the best news for gender.

But of course, before entering to assess what makes Nobody Saves the World so special, we have to put black on white what is your premise. And, since it could not be otherwise for this study, our adventure begins in a way that is so clichéd that we inevitably take it as a joke; In a world besieged by calamity, a figure of indefinite features awakens in a cabin without any memory of whom he is or why he has come up there. Soon it will be done with the Gran — Sorry, Gran — Nostradamus wand and will have to find a way to save the world, complete quests, remove from over the poor apprentice to which it was to inherit it before your sudden misappropriation — with good intention, Of course, and, already in passing, learn the magic needed to handle it. Almost nothing.

Nobody Saves The World does not lose any time when it comes to introducing its main mechanics. And although our wand will be the only weapon that we will handle throughout the entire title, its capabilities will be more than enough to face all the dangers that will come out to us. In Nobody Saves The World there is no drops of armor, spears or shoes with twenty slots to trout the eight hundred gems that we will find along the way, but, on the contrary, the wand of Nostradamus will open us the path of the change. Thus, we can transform ourselves into diverse and picturesque heroic incarnations with multiple skills. In the first compasses of the adventure we will only have a few transformations: a nice rat that will nibble and poison its enemies, the sempiternal gentleman with his faithful sword or the agile explorer and his arrows rains. However, as we send each of these archetypes, many other ways will be unlocked. But it will not be easy, since in order to access the new classes we will have to meet requirements that will exploit the mechanics and possibilities of each one that we already have.

While each character will have a skill that will be immovable — and that will be the one that allows him to recover MANA with each impact; A jackpillability very to Diablo 3 — Other transformations can access the entire list to configure a build that will have more skill slots as we upload level. Place the release of arrows to our faithful rattle or put poisoned tips to the explorer are few and early examples of a list of possibilities that will increase exponentially with passive and active skills.

This mechanical depth is complemented to perfection with an incontestable artistic section. Leaning on a nice and colorful aesthetic cartoon, the 2D designs of our unlikely heroes are impeccable and have details that fill them with personality. So much so that one of the greatest incentives to progress in the game is to discover which figure is hidden behind each of the words we will see in the transformation tree. But the thing does not stop here. Walking the gigantic mapping of Nobody Saves The World is to peer a world full of dungeons built with a lot of mime, of a myriad of enemies with their peculiarities and secondary characters profiled to millimeter both in their appearance and in their dialogues. And all this without entering the delicious, crazy and impossible amalgam of environments that is the world that we will have to save, in which nuclear power plants, castles, dragons and cemeteries hallowenenescus are raised while sounding a bailing soundtrack that does everything possible to raise the Atmosphere without being intrusive.

That will be the rhythm that will mark our adventure, a trip from the multiple-heroes-in-one that will force us to travel from one side of the mapping, open shortcuts, clear dungeons and complete missions for the different clans that will populate this colorful universe. But do not think that these missions will lack importance, since both and to evolve our transformations will give us the necessary points to unlock the main dungeons of the game, which will advance the main story. And, as it is logical, we will also have to pay attention to level our skills, since the enemy hordes will not release juicy items but yes tokens of improvement and gold that we can invest in acquiring more passive skills and improve our statistics. Thus, it breaks the classic dynamics of the action RPGs by which we accumulated enormous amounts of gold — and precious stones and shields and swords and booties… — that we then exploited because the elements we obtained when the enemy ranks were very superior to those offered by merchants.

Ultimately, Nobody Saves The World is a title full of combat, humor, exploration and mechanics that give us loose rein to experiment and, to a certain extent, get rid of certain conventions of a genre that needed, increasingly, fresh air. The Drink box Memorial raid, yes, it is not exempt from small roughness, as for example that at certain occasions the tasks that will develop our characters have as accurate requirements that may seem a more specific assignment than a natural evolution of our way of playing. But that this detail does not take you to deception, immersed in the random dungeons of Nobody Saves The World is a visual and playable delight for all those who have a minimum of appreciation for the previous works of Drink box or by the genre that are assaulting Base of courage, humor and unmistakable style. Even if you continue to miss Day Chico and Jaguar Javier.