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Nobody Saves the World: The test for the indie action RPG of the Guacamelee!

The World Trade Facility of the City of New York (shortened WTC) is a complicated made up of business structures situated in the Lower Manhattan district, the United States. Created by the Minor Yamazaki designer as well as developed by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, it is ushered in on April 4, 1973.
Its name resembles those of other World Trade Facility, although New York has actually reached top reputation. It means World Trade Facility or International Organization Center.
Significant by a fire on 13 February 1975 and then by a bomb attack on February 26, 1993, the twin towers were fully ruined by 2 airplanes diverted on September 11, 2001. Their geographical position was then nicknamed Ground Zero (although New Yorkers like the name World Trade Center website ). The site today invites a memorial on the area of the towers damaged as well as a brand-new complex, including the One World Trade Facility is the highest tower.
Identified by its 2 most renowned buildings, the Double Towers (twin towers), it was a symbol of the American power in the eyes of the entire world and also a symbol of New York, in the very same method as the Empire State Structure as well as the statuary of flexibility.

Welcome dear video game world in the post-Christmas hole. The weather is modest, demotivated tired-the faces and the game industry waits for counting the festive joy revenue for spring. Actually not the time to publish a high-quality game.

But just now released Drink box Games, the development studio behind Guacamole !, his new work: Nobody Saves the World comes right into the post-Christmas Drove. Can the title high! Assert itself as a worthy successor to the famous Guacamole series, or the New Year lull himself continues?
Nobody Saves the World is an action-RPG in which you control the main character Nobody. In which it is an androgynous-humanoid beings, which is characterized by the ability to take on Kirby-esque shapes. A knight is also part of the levy as a turtle, a rat, an archer, a horse and many other transformations that are unlocked as the game progresses.

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  2. 1.1Von humans and mice
    1. 1.2Stumpf is the key?
  3. 1.3Eyecandy
    1. 1.4Keine power to Broken!
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  5. 2.1Repeat-a-Mania
    1. 2.2Lizenz laugh?
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Of Mice and Men

Of course, these transformations bring different attributes to which partial effect on the gameplay. So the rat during the action gameplay from the top-down perspective, for example, is faster than the cumbersome knight. This in turn has a higher attack power than the rat, etc.

However, there is also the possibility of different abilities of various transformations to combine and thus, for example, the velocity deficit balance of the knight by the Dash ability of the horse. This is a wonderful recognition and enthusiastic, particularly in the first hours of play.The gameplay is, both in the upper world and in the dungeons, mostly from fighting and stuff collection. The former happens in the upper world again and again in the same places and offers a great way for grinding. The dungeons in turn are a few exceptions, mostly generated randomly. Their design know at first to convince, eventually you will be confronted with new settings and opponents.

Gameplay depends on gameplay, but everything is short, and although simple, makes Nobody Saves the World mood. This is due to the very intuitive controls. With the controller’s functions at any time to understand and direct.

Stump is the key?

The ever-changing transformations of nobodies bring exact change, which requires such a simple gameplay to motivate medium term. New skills motivate just more experimentation in the confrontation with opponents and thus promote interest to continue playing.

Some quests are linked to a variant of the nobodies, such as the Knights. If you fulfill the task of both your experience level, including the specific level of character variation with time increases.

And also RPG typically you have to pay attention to your health. A classic inventory does not exist here, instead, you are reliant on healing items that dropped by enemies or found on the map. This applies bar magic for yours.

Eye candy

Alone due to this creativity is fun in the world Nobody explores. To convince the soundtrack know goes well with all existing situations and often provides a fun, yet exciting atmosphere, so simply adventurous.

So everything is fine? Well, you might have noticed that we have restricted our much praise by the fact that we have moved to the beginning of the game. While there is little to complain about the first few hours, the weaknesses show up after about the 20-hour adventure.

No power to Broken!

The gameplay, for example, which initially leaves a very varied impression is boring after a while, despite various variants and relatively dull. While you are still motivated to start to try different things and explore what in which opponents strategically represents the most meaningful attack or action, the game degenerates over time into a button-mashing festival.