Where to destroy the decorations of snowflakes in Fortnite

Winter fest continues in Fortnite, and today you will have to destroy snowflake decorations. After visiting the Winter fest chalet, open your gift and recovered your daily vacation stock, it’s time to take up a new challenge. It was a good time in Forts, with a lot of free booty and skins to win thanks to these daily challenges.

The best place to go to take up this challenge is a mustard house in Pleasant Park. Pleasant Park bears his name with the Winter fest decorations that you can find, including snowflake decorations hanging on the windows of this house. You can see the exact location of the house on the map above.

Simply jump from Battle Bus and head to Pleasant Park, then enter the home mustard color. There are always weapons that have appeared in this building, so take one and go upstairs. Remove the two snowflake decorations that you can see on the bearing, then head to the room on the left and exit one more to finish this challenge. You just have to destroy three, and you can pack everything very quickly there.

Pleasant Park is a busy area, so make sure it is done quickly because there will be a lot of players around that will seek on the decorations, and if they can not, they will get you more than probably.

When you’re done, finish the game as usual. If you need help for other Winter fest challenges, we have useful guides to finish them very quickly. If you still have to do it, you have until January 7, when the Winter fest will end. If you have not yet recovered WOOLLY WARRIOR and HOLIDAY TREE skins, we also have guides to help you do it.