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Internet trend: What is Wordle and why does everyone play? We explain the hype!

Again and again the online world experiences trends. Above all, for about ten years ago, such startup plays such as Farmville, which were primarily drawn directly on Facebook, is currently a very simple browser game called Wordle.

Surely you have snapped the name somewhere, maybe on Twitter or Facebook. But what is this Wordle, of which everyone is currently talking about? And how does the hype game work? We explain the fun word game!

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What is Wordle?

Wordle is a minimalist browser game of the programmer Josh Wardle, who made a name for Reddit with other self-developments in the past.

Originally, Wardle developed the game only for himself and his partner, in October 2021 Wordle was then at once more and more acquainted and more and more people started to try the browser game himself.

How does Wordle work?

The rules are very simple: Every day you have to guess a new (English) word, that consists of exactly five letters. You have a maximum of six attempts.

Five empty boxes represent the five letters. Every attempt to enter a complete word with as many letters. If a box lights up green, the letter is correct and at the right position.


Why does every Wordle play?

If you do not get to the word you are looking for, you gets the right solution after the sixth failed attempt. You also have the opportunity to share your daily Wordle trial directly on social media without the solution word will reveal.

Through multiples on Twitter, Facebook and Co., Wordle has become more and more popular in recent months. At Twitter, the game always appears in the trends.

Especially by sharing with others and the variety of players and players, Wordle is so successful. Everyone has the same opportunities, because the solution word is always the same for every1.

Where can you play Wordle?

The only hook for German puns fans: The original Wordle is exclusively in English. We are always looking for words that even people with good English skills just do not know.