FC Barcelona, Transfer News: Ex-Chelsea-Star Oscar confirms Barca

Since now over five years, Oscar plays in China. You may soon be a transfer to the FC Barcelona theme.

The former Brazilian international Oscar has confirmed that the FC Barcelona has registered fundamental interest in a commitment.

Barcelona has contacted my consultant to knock the possibilities, said the former Chelsea Star playing in China at Shanghai Port to TNT Sports. In Shanghai, Oscar is under contract until the end of 2024 and the 30-year-old midfielder stressed that he was aware of Barcelona’s financial difficulties.

I was informed by the interest

I was informed by the interest and I think you are currently trying to find a way. Barça currently has problems to register new players, and they would have to negotiate with my club, says Oscar.

Most recently, Terran Torres had to wait first until Barcelona could register for Align. The Spaniard was changing from Manchester City to the Catalans for 55 million euros and has now celebrated his debut for the new club.

Oscar should refrain from a lot of money for Barça transfer

In the Chinese league the game is still quiet until March, according to Oscar would also be a lending until the end of the season. It’s nice to see that such a big club is interested in you, he said. But we have not had any conversations yet. Should Barcelona be able to register no new players, do not make sense. Barça is just trying to arrange something, then we may thread something together with my consultant.

Anyway, Oscar would have to be ready to buy great salary rises. At Shanghai, he is currently transparent to just under €650,000 per week – a sum that Barça could never have stuck in the midst of acute financial problems. I am aware that I probably have to do without something to get a transfer to come, Oscar explained.

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The 2014 World Cup participant was changing from Chelsea to China at the beginning of 2017 for 60 million euros. In the past season Oscar for Shanghai reach five goals and 16 templates in 25 compulsory matches.