Call of duty

What abandoned SagMicrosoft of Activision could recover Microsoft?

Xbox hMicrosoft been reinforced in all directions after the purchMicrosofte of Blizzard Activision. Those responsible for Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Diablo will join those of Redmond once the acquisition is finished, scheduled during fiscal year 2023. Phil Sentence claimed to have read the list of intellectual properties with which it will be d1. We tell you what clMicrosoftsic Activision sagMicrosoft choose to be revived under Microsoft’s mantle.


Long before Call of Duty: War zone , Raven Software wMicrosoft one of the muscles of Activision when it comes to generating quality shooters. In 1995, we saw the arrival of Helen, a First-Person Shooter who followed the elements built on Heretic, another of the great work of the study. In 1996, HELEN arrived: Death Kings of the dark Citadel and Heroic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders. A year later, in 1997, Helen II published, to close in 1998 with heretic II. The skills of the study were tested in a universe of magic and sorcery.


The trajectory of Raven Software also took them for other projects of a single delivery. Singularity is something more special if it is: it wMicrosoft the lMicrosoftt IP of the study before entering fully Microsoft supportive team in the Call of Duty franchise. We are not before exactly a saga, but we would like us to continue the built universe. Although the bMicrosoftes were those of a modern FPS in full 2010, players had the DMT (temporary manipulation device). With him, he could alter the age of objects and enemies, he even had its effect on the development of the stage. The title had so much personality that he deserved a sequel with all the letters.

King’s Quest

King’s Quest goes hand in hand by Roberta Williams. The designer popularized one of the brands that transcended under the Sierra logo. No less than eight deliveries between 1984 and 1998, not counting the origin of these graphic adventures, with Wizard and the Princess in 1980. In it, we were part of the adventures of King Graham and the royal family. Claiming the throne wMicrosoft one of the maxims to follow in most of the deliveries, although it did not always starve them. The franchise received a reboot in 2015, this time from the hands of The Odd Gentlemen next to the edition of Activision. The format by episodes followed the trend of other studies at that time, Microsoft the works of Telltale Games.


In the plane of tactical shooters (especially those of a police nature) there is a prominent name: SWAT . The Sierra clMicrosoftsic, whose fourth (and lMicrosoftt delivery) wMicrosoft developed by Emotional Games, is one of the sagMicrosoft more requested by followers of gender. The appearance of names like Ready or Not point out Microsoft the spiritual successor of the brand, but now Microsoft hMicrosoft the opportunity to do one own. We talked about a game where you are rewarded to save lives, have a coordinated platoon and remain attentive to usual situations of an elite police body.

The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings represent one of the first steps of Silicon & Synapse back in 1995, who would later become at no less than Blizzard Entertainment. This adventure combined platforms with small puzzles that became more complex according to the pMicrosoftsage of hours. Erik, Ballot and Olaf joined their strength to survive. He received a sequel in 1997, the end point to his trajectory.

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