Xbox employer claims what fans of Call of Duty after the Activision

After Microsoft has actually announced to buy Activision Blizzard, the questions came after the games of the spirited abilities. Particularly the Call of Duty franchise business is commonly on Sony’s PlayStation in the house. Just how should it continue there? That disclosed the Xbox boss.

That’s the scenario:

In Tweet, it states: I verify our intent to real all existing agreements after the procurement of Activision Blizzard as well as our wish to leave Call of Duty on the PlayStation. Sony is an integral part of the industry, and also we appreciate our connection.

That claims the Xbox boss: In a brief post on Twitter, the Xbox employer Phil Spencer mentions talks with Sony. There it states that you intend to true all existing arrangements. The conditions mostly Call of Duty.

  • On January 18, the Software application Team announced Microsoft to acquire the video clip game programmer Activision Blizzard – for around $70 billion US dollars.
  • The acquisition is without a doubt the biggest in the video gaming sector until now as well as players worldwide were missing the words after the news.
  • However there were also questions about just how it proceeds – what takes place to WoW as well as Call of Duty? A minimum of to COD there is now a response.


Formerly, there were uncertainties under fans. Currently, as Blizzard 2021 Animal and also Bethesda for 7 billion gotten, it was announced that some upcoming video games did not appear on the PlayStation. A minimum of the new cod will now make certain.

Microsoft wishes to buy Activision Blizzard and the net crack up

What happened? With the purchase of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has actually established clear indications to broaden in particular areas. Evidently, the deal of the Xbox Game Pass need to be prolonged, but also cloud pc gaming is being discussed repeatedly.

Under fans, however, was the best worry as it proceeds with their video games. Inquiries were asked if Overwatch and also Wow would certainly now remain in the Video game Pass. Memes showed up that would now log in with his Windows ID in WOW – or would certainly obtain aid from the great paper clip Clippy from Microsoft Word.

Likewise, the inquiry of the boss Bobby Kick turned up. After the sexism detraction 2021 Blizzard General and Activision manager Bobby Kick fell in certain highly in disgrace. Followers want him to go – and after the requisition could really take place.

The MeinmMo-editor-in-chief has described the scenario in a unique podcast along with visitor Mica Graph from the Gamester in a special podcast. Here you can pay attention to you:

Just how does it continue? To start with, it stays to be seen if the cartel office will certainly accept requisition. Even more details, we will most likely discover only throughout the training course of the year. Which video games come to the Video game Pass or which are newly developed is still out.

However, we additionally wish to know your point of view. Finishes with our study as well as inform us what you believe regarding the takeover – is that good or bad?

Spencer himself currently claimed in a meeting that he wishes to revive the video games of his childhood years. Whether old classics like witches, rock ‘n’ roll auto racing or the Lost Vikings are indicated, we do not understand yet.

After Microsoft has introduced to buy Activision Blizzard, the concerns came after the games of the spirited abilities. That claims the Xbox employer: In a short post on Twitter, the Xbox manager Phil Spencer talks of talks with Sony. With the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has set clear signs to expand in certain areas. Exactly how does it continue? First, it continues to be seen if the cartel workplace will certainly agree to requisition.