Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart sings Bochum

Steffen Rampart from 1. FC Cologne continues to work on its status as a cult trainer of the Bundesliga. A video on Twitter shows him on Saturday night, as he moves the club hymn of VFL Bochum.

The video was spread from the Twitter account of the Effie and shows how rampart picks up a song of Bochum by Herbert Erlenmeyer when entering the stadium interior. The hymn has not only in Bochum’s absolute cult status and is considered one of the most beautiful club songs in Germany.

Here, where the heart is still counting, not the big money, is the text passage where Rampart gets. But with the video, the Cologne also sent a side panel in the direction of the Rhenish arch rivals Fortuna Düsseldorf (here’s the video).

Erlenmeyer not only succumbed to his hometown in the anthem Bochum, but also represents the rhetorical question: Who lives in Düsseldorf? The text line also includes the Tweet of 1. FC Cologne.

Three points jumped out for Rampart and the Cologne despite the sympathetic vocal deposit in Bochum, however. In the end, the teams separated 2: 2 draws.

Already in the past week, Rampart had taken care of an extra-sporting action for a stir: The 50-year-old Ousted himself as an avid jersey collector and gotten after the game against FC Bayern (0: 4) in exchange with his cap, which already cult Status has, the jersey of Manuel new.

The cap is already legendary, everyone would like to have. I’m glad I have them now, Newly said. I’ve been a jersey of Many for a very, very long time. And he asked me about the cap. That’s just fit, Rampart explained.

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