Phil Spencer suggests that several classic Activision franchises will return

What will happen to the Franchises of Activision Blizzard now that are part of Microsoft ? The answer to that question will not arrive in the short term, however, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming , has advanced some of the plans that he has for them. As part of a new interview with The Washington Post, the executive said he would like to bring back certain classic IPS from the publisher.


During this interview, Spencer mentioned that he is very happy to have franchises like King’s Quest, Guitar Hero, and Helen, for mentioning a few. According to Spencer , the people of Xbox and Microsoft will be supporting the Activision teams so that they work in franchises that he loved when he was a child.

I was seeing the IPS list, and I say, come! King’s Quest, Guitar Hero,… I should know this, but I think they also have Helen.

In another part of the interview, Spencer also said that he and his team feel confident that all work culture problems within Activision Blizzard will disappear over time, although he is aware that this process It will not be solved overnight and promises to work with everyone involved to reach an agreement that benefits everyone.

Editor’s note: I think it would be a wasteful opportunity that Microsoft does not strive to give new life to some of these classic franchises. I understand that it may be a bit complicated to resurrect something like Guitar Hero, but Helen and King’s quest could well come back.