The court says to Youtuber to stop what he does

End 2021, YouTuber Benjamin Ruben SIM Simon had been brought by Roblox Corporation. Although video game companies have already prosecuted individuals in court, or vice versa, this case is a little unusual to the extent that it is the continuous harassment of YouTube to society and the community.


According to a polygon report, Roblox has passed the number of damages he wants Simon pays from 160,000 to 150,000. Simon posted a video last week via YouTube. In this document, he defended the allegations of character from the court. But it may be too little too late, given the nature of what it is accused.

According to the report, Roblox had bypassed an IP ban set up years ago by asking others to create accounts for Simon and piracy. And also, it comes from Simon who would have alluded to a terrorist attack on Twitter at the Roblox Developers Conference end 2021.

As a result, the Tribunal prohibited Simon from Roblox. In addition, Simon has agreed not to access the platform, more false statements on Roblox or employees. Simon is also not allowed to approach the offices. In addition, it is not allowed to publish or republish false threats of terrorist activities related to Roblox, according to the report.

This can cause a sigh of relief for Roblox players. According to Roblox lawyers, he had been Harvesting users and use of racist and homophobic insults, as well as for sexual harassment and download photos of Adolf Hitler that caused the prohibition in the first place.

It will be necessary to see if Simon will respect the court order by downloading videos on or in Roblox, or by avoiding Twitter about this, especially after the reduction of the fine.