Call of duty

When the PS version of “Call of Duty” continues to release, the Boss of the Xbox comments. tactics

Microsoft announced that he agreed between the two companies by acquiring Activision Blizzard on January 18. In the game industry’s largest acquisition project, a total of $68.7 billion (approximately 7 trillion ¥8 000 billion) is attracting attention from many gamers if the Activision Blizzard title will be Xbox monopoly after acquisition. In this regard, Phil Spencer, Microsoft Xbox Gaming CEO, January 21 shows the idea of ​​continuing releases of Call of Duty.
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Change the part that was said to be the title statement to Comment


Activision Blizzard has many popular IPs such as Call of Duty and Overwatch, Diablo World of Warcraft Star craft Crush Bandicoot and Candy Crush. There are many series works deployed on multi-platforms, for example, Call of Duty may be said to be the head. And during the gamer, such a title is one of the big topics whether the title will be Xbox monopolies (in the console).

Microsoft says Activision Blizzard Title is entertained on various platforms, ​​said Activision Blizzard Title is a plan to support their communities. Also, Phil Spencer interviews with economic paper Bloomberg, I would like to tell the player who enjoys the Activision Blizzard Title on the Sony platform, not the acquisition that is not intended to pull off the community from such platforms. I commented.

And Spencer announced that he contacted Sony’s leader January 21. He says he was telling what I wanted to respect the existing contract and maintain the PlayStation version of the Call of Duty series, even after the Activision Blizzard acquisition is completed. He says Sony accounts for important positions in the game industry, and we also want to take care of the relationship between the two companies.

Prior to this, Sony commented that Microsoft complies with the contractual agreement and continue to expand the Activision title for the economic paper The Wall Street Journal. This Spencer’s comment is the contents along the response of Sony. Existing contracts will probably point to the provision of exclusive content for PlayStation version of the Call of Duty series.

On the other hand, Spencer does not mention the title other than Call of Duty, and it remains unclear for the future. Even in the presentation mentioned above, it has been remained in vague content.

This time, Phil Spencer mentioned in the Call of Duty series multi-platform development continuity may be able to look at a cloth stone to proceed smoothly this acquisition procedure. For example, Lina Khan, who became the chairperson of the US Trading Committee last year, is a strong attitude to the regulation of the antitrust method (antitrust law), and has a strong attitude against the acquisition project by the huge IT company. It is known in It is unknown whether there is also an association, but immediately after the acquisition agreement announcement, the committee showed the policy to strengthen our efforts to acquire an illegal corporate acquisition.

If Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard, it is said that in the game industry, it will be the next position to Sony and Sony at the revenue basis. It can not be said that the antitrust method applies to the acquisition project that will be the third-largest industry. It may be alert as the maximum acquisition amount as Microsoft as well as Microsoft himself in the game industry. Based on such circumstances, Spencer seems to have had an open attitude to public attitude.

Such exclusive interrogation, Microsoft remembers that the Bethesda Soft works parent company Animal Media has acquired last year. At that time, Microsoft also respects SHE and Bethesda contracts comments. This refers to DECATHLON and GHOSTWRITE: TOKYO announced as a time-old monopoly title for PS5. However, it does not touch the continuation of multi-platform expansion, and conversely some new works will be the monopoly title of Xbox (and PC). In fact, the new RPG Star field was released for Xbox Series X | S / PC.

Currently, Microsoft has not been clearly stated for the monopoly of Activision Blizzard titles. This time, the Call of Duty series suggests the continuity of multi-platform development, but of course, it is expected that the title that will be monopoly is also expected, and future trends are noted.

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is a situation that is currently waiting for the regulatory review completion and the approval of the shareholder of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft has obtained such approval, and it is expected that the transaction is expected to complete in the fiscal 2023 fiscal year (July-July 2022, 2022).