Gnosia is thrown by surprise in Steam

Agnosia , the game edited by PLAY ISM , is now available through Steam , after being published by surprise last Sunday, January 23 after its recent delay, and has a price of 20.99 euros.

The title postponed the release of its PC version last December to early 2022, to give it an extra adjustment to cause the same sensation as in the rest of its platforms. Although this type statements are usually translated into at least several months of delay, in this case a little more than four weeks has come after knowing the news.

Agnosia, from which my partner Marta Trivia spoke during a podcast Reload last June, was launched first at PS Vita in 2019, and it was not until March 4 when he left in Nintendo Switch. It is a particular title with tints of visual Novel and RPG in which the protagonist will have to find the impostor inside the spacecraft in which she wakes up. This individual to which we will have to identify will be eliminating the rest of the crew members as history progresses, and our work will be talking to everyone in a research work with the aim of reaching the murderer.

Agnosia is now available for PlayStation VITA , PC and Nintendo Switch .