How to get fisheles in your garden in NEKO ASUME: Kitty Collector

Peaches is the white whale of Nero assume: collector Kitty. Players have long been trying to get a picture of this elusive chat.


Peaches, first, is a rather shy cat that does not come so often. And when she does, she typically stays very little time. Its level of power is quite low, which means that if another cat uses a toy or an object it likes, it is unlikely that it is fighting for that, choosing rather to leave the yard. This makes it difficult to get an image for your Cat book.

Attracting peaches in your garden is not a specific art, but you can do some things to increase your chances of bringing it to your garden.

Know what fisheries look like

You will want to know what Peaches look like to identify it when it enters your garden.

Peaches is a calico cat and can easily be mixed with other Calico cats. However, its base color is cream, not white, which is the identification feature that you can use immediately. In addition, she has a heart on her left side, so if she’s facing you, it will be right. There are also stains on his right eye and the tip of his tail.

Get a big courtyard

With the low level of peaches power, it will not assert themselves on other cats to use a toy it likes. If your garden is small, there will be less space for it to find a place to spend time.

That’s why it’s important to have a great court to attract fisheries. With a larger courtyard, you can be sure that if Peaches walks in your yard, she can find a corner to settle and stay a little.

often check

Peace visits are not the longest, so make sure you often introduce yourself in your garden and make sure you do not miss it.

Use its favorite toys

Peach does not seem to be a very difficult cat and really likes just about everything. However, there are some toys that she seems to love the most and these are the Cat Metropolis, the Twisty Rail and Cat Pancake. She also likes many cushions and hammocks. She really seems to love lounging more than playing with toys, so make sure there is plenty of space for her to do it in your yard.

Use high quality foods

Best quality foods will attract more cats in your garden, thus increasing the chances that Peaches is one of these upcoming cats. Specifically, use the Deluxe Tuna Bit, as this will attract a lot of cats in your garden, so again, make sure your garden is spacious enough.

Do not give up if you miss you

It can be frustrating to see that you have missed one of its short visits, but do not stop trying to bring it back. Although it is not official, it seems that Peaches likes to visit it in groups, which means that if you miss it, there is a good chance that it comes back as soon as possible. But if you miss it several times in a row, it could disappear for days at a time, so be sure to come back often!

In the end, bringing Peaches in your garden consists of playing the probabilities and maximize your chances of attracting it.

It may take a while, and it may not be the simplest thing, but with these instructions and a little luck, you can get that peach image you’ve been wanting for so long. Better yet, you can comfort yourself knowing that you have something that many other players do not have.

Nero Assume: Kitty collector is now available on PlayStation 4, Android and iOS.