Invasion Special of Rabbids: MARTE MISSION Trailer released by Netflix

The Ubisoft Rabbis invade Netflix once again with a new anime special one hour, Rabbis Invasion Special: Mission to Mars. The special is scheduled to launch in the transmission service on February 18 and apparently arrives after the events of the animated series. Invasion of rabbis series that is also available in Netflix. As indicated by the name and new trailer of the special, foolish rabbis are recruited in some way to go to Mars for some reason.

It is worth noting that the launch date and the trailer of the special can be new, but it has been known for a couple of years that Ubisoft and Netflix have been working together on it. When invasion of rabbis – which is the first great animated series of Ubisoft Film and Television; Netflix arrived for the first time in 2019, the special was announced as in development at that time. You can see the new Trailer of Rabbis Invasion Special: Mission to Mars for you below:

“An unlikely team from Rabbis is in the mission of his life to Mars, the Log line of Netflix for Rabbis Invasion Special: Mission to Mars Lee” It depends on them to join and stop the new threat of the galaxy. “

However, the new one-hour special is not the rabbi film previously announced by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Ubisoft. Basically, there have been no news about that film since it was announced for the first time, but that does not necessarily mean that something given in recent years has meant serious delays in all things thanks to the current pandemic of Covid-19.

Rabbids Invasion Special: Mission to Mars Trailer ???? Netflix Futures
As previously noted, Rabbis Invasion Special: Mission to Mars will debut at Netflix on February 18. The invasion of rabbis The series is currently available at Netflix, although it seems to be only one season. You can check all our previous Netflix coverage in general here.

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