Around Olympia: All decisions of 7 February in the LiveTicker

Today, more medals will be awarded at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. All decisions and the most important news can be traced live with around Olympia.

The Olympic Winter Games live at Dazn!

Olympia: The schedule of the next hours

Time (CET) Competition gender
5.00 clock SKI Alpin: Departure Men Men’s
5.00 clock Snowboard: Slopestyle Men Men
5.10 Ice Hockey Preliminary Round Women: Russia – Canada women
6.30 Freestyle: Qualification Big Air Men Men
6.45 SKI Alpin: 2nd Run Giant Lalom Women women
9.30 Skating: 1,500 meters women women

5.48 clock – Departure: Meanwhile, it is very nice on the ski slope. First Mayer, then Feuz and now…? Who gets the best time of Feuz?

5.29 – Figure Skating: Gold for Russia! The team besters through their balance in all four disciplines and dominated the events at all three competition days. There was only a shunt for the couple’s world champion, which came together with a spectacular lifting designer, but could never end their leisure.

5.23 – Departure: The race has been continued. Let’s just hope for Schwaiger the best. The following driver Bennett and Innerhofer also exits it. That will be a complicated departure.

5.13 – Biathlon: Let’s take a quick look at the men’s single tomorrow’s Tuesday. There Benedikt Doll, Johannes Kühn, Erik Lesser and Roman Rees for Germany will be launched. That was known.

5.07 clock – departure: is the bitter! Kriechmayr lays the first top time, then Dominik Schwaiger goes into the race. In the middle part, it lifts the Germans and into the fishing net. He lies on the slopes for several minutes and keeps his left arm. The supervisors treat him in the snow.

4.56 – Freestyle: Eileen GU has achieved a little trouble the final in the Big-Air competition. The 18-year-old, which is native of California, but starts for China, was fourth despite a Patzer’s second jump with 161.25 points. The only German starters Aliah Delia Eichinger missed at her Olympia debut as the 18th the entry into the final.

4.50 clock – departure: So and now all eyes on the slopes. The gentlemen plunge after the wind chaos yesterday from 5 clock in the Beijing downhill. Who wins gold? You will learn that in our live ticker.

4.45 – Skeleton: Good news from the ice channel. Hannah Neite, who had to bake shortly before the winter games because of a corona infection for their journey to China, in the first two training runs in the Yanqing Sliding Center the best and second best time.

4.37 – Riesenslalom: The precipitated Mikaela Shifrin has now come down a bit. Her out “is a big disappointment,” said the 26-year-old American, “I will never come across.” But she looked when she told her misfortune and emphasized, “I will not cry now, that’s only waste of energy.”

What happened? “I’m a goal wrong and paid the highest possible price for it”

4.24 – Curling: Canada’s gold dream ends dramatically. The North Americans lost their last group game on Monday through a 0: 1 in Extra End with 7: 8 against Italy. Thus, the winner of Pyeongchang missed the semi-final.

4.17 clock – Figure skating: The ice cream in the team competition is completed. In about 20 minutes, then continue with the ladies in the… Then we know who gains gold here.

4.10 – Riesenslalom: A turbulent first run is over. Hector leads very strong, Goldfavoritin Shifrin is already out and Emma Aicher will begin as 30. the second run. Strong performance of the 18-year-olds at their Olympia debut. You can read the course in our LiveTicker. 7.15 clock falls in the second run the decision.

3.59 – Riesenslalom: Meanwhile, it is unfortunately increasingly to fall. Luckily, there were no serious injuries so far. Overall, however, 20 drivers have already left.

3.43 – Ice skating: To Harry Styles’ “Falling” and Coldplays “Fix You” runs over the ice. I especially like the look into the athlete box after the fright. Here you can get pure emotions.

3.37 – Riesenslalom: Number 44 is now the only German starter Emma Aicher. She drives naughty through the upper part, but slips something away. With 3.96 second residue, it goes to rank 30 through the destination and now has to go on run two. Because only the best 30 women continue.

3.20 – Riesenslalom: Qualitatively, the upcoming drivers can no longer keep up with the first start numbers. Hector’s best time is likely to reach the second round. We stay curious about Emma Aicher in about ten minutes.

3.07 clock – Giant Slalom: The route is now much worse in the lower part. Hardly anyone is still approaching Hector. Nina O’Brien also drives naughty and even puts a best time in the first part, but then it will be removed several times. Overall, five drivers have now left.

2.58 clock – figure skating: In these minutes, we can admire the pair of ice skating artists. That’s a big cinema, with which elegance the ladies and gentlemen lifting through the air. Japan’s couple Miura / Kihara is currently on gold course with 139.60 points. Germany has not come to the final with rank nine.

2.54: On the edge of the Olympic Games there are also new news about the supposedly missing Chinese Tennis Player Peng Shuai. She has given an interview with the l’equipe and confirmed a meeting with Ioc-Boss Thomas Bach. Everything you read here.

2.51 – Riesenslalom: The first top group is below and prepares for the second run. Hector’s best time does not seem to crack here. Germany’s only starter Emma Aicher starts only with number 44. For the 18-year-old the Olympic debut. I wish you success!

2.42 – Riesenslalom: This is the first very thick surprise. After Sara Hector peppered an absolute top time, Mikaela Shifrin risks everything. However, she slips away after five goals and is out. The gold winner of 2018 has no chance. Bitter!

2.32 – Riesenslalom: Starts the Olympic Giant Slalom first of a top group around Worley, Shifrin and Co. It directly has some problems with the waves on the course. After 59.34 seconds, it is in the finish. The first degree knife for this day. You read the detailed giant slalom ticker here.

Figure Skating Team Event Final Results Medal Tracker (Feb. 7, 2022) | Beijing Olympics

2.21 – Riesenslalom: In a few minutes it is finally in the ski alpine round. After the wind chaos of the past two competition days, the ladies in giant slalom drive around gold. With this: Mialitiana Clerc from Madagascar, which makes a top-40-seat and according to your own statements hopes to trigger a ski-alpine hype in Madagascar.

2.19 – Curling: As usual, the Curling Mixed teams are in use in the early morning. And Italy goes against Canada currently the next step towards Gold. There I keep you up with the results.

2.11 clock – Preview: And what awaits us today? We could get several medals right away. First of all in ski jumping-mixed competition (12.45 clock). In addition, we have a chance in biathlon single, but really only if everything runs perfectly (10 o’clock). Otherwise, Giantlalom, Slopestyle, Skipper and Short Track await us.

2:05 – Review: Yesterday the first gold medal also found their way to Germany. John Ludwig once again proved that we are world class in sitting. Here you can read the yesterday Olympia tag compact.

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2.02: Hello and welcome to around Olympia. Today, seven medal decisions are waiting for us – here you miss nothing.