Neowu, which is not filled with mobile blank, 61.6%

Neowed’s last year’s operating profit fell 61.6% YoY in Neowiz, who did not overcome the sluggish mobile game.

Neowiz announced on the 9th, its 2021 annual and 4Q earnings. International Accounting Standards (K-IFRS) Connected by the Consolidated Financial Statement, Sales 2021 is W261.2bn, operating profit W23.2bn and W53bn. Sales decreased by 9.8% from the previous year, and operating profit fell 61.6%.

Last year, Neowizu has a slightly rising PC / console game sales, while mobile games showed a decrease in existing work and a significant decrease in new members. Especially in the third quarter of 2021, Mobile Games fell 19.4%, and operating profit for 3Q09 was reduced.

This trend also followed in four quarters. In the fourth quarter, Neowizes recorded sales of W69.3bn, operating profit of W69.3bn, and sales increased by 9,500, operating profit fell 53.9%. PC / console sales have been reduced by 4.7%, but mobile game sales decreased 13.6%.

Meanwhile, Neowiz is preparing for 10 species of new new work this year. Major titles include Soul Liquid Action RPG ‘P False’, and project classic based on brownerst IP. In addition, unoevered, primitive wars, and Idolley Pride, etc., publishing the publishing title sequentially in the first half.

In addition, we propelled new technology business such as block chain, NFT (alternative percentage). We are preparing a new Kripo Golf Impact, a block chain in March, and prepare a new P2E game based on a strategy RPG brave, Ava.

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Neowiz is a policy of actively partnership with investors, developers, etc., and expands the block chain-based game lineup.