Twitch-Star Shroud says Lost Ark does not interest him the bean

The Streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is one of the largest streamers at Twitch and has a preference for MMOs. For several months he spends a lot of time with New World and organizes numerous live streams. The most anticipated by many fans Lost Ark makes him completely cold. He has explained the reasons for a closer look.

That’s why Shroud Lost Ark does not matter very

During a recently held Livestream, one of the viewers asked why Shroud shows no interest in Lost Ark , although it is currently a big topic. After a short reduction break, the streamer did not explain its reasons not very detailed, but definitely comprehensible: _ “You are curious why I’m not interested in Lost Ark? I’m not a fan of the style. I’m not a fan of this exaggerated Style. Even the combat system does not really appeal to me. “_

Thus, Shroud is likely to play in the very effective and sometimes-coated animations at the fighting of Lost Ark . These probably do not correspond to his personal taste. By the way, during the Livestream, the streamer declared that he would even be a pity that Lost Ark had no interest in him, as it could be very good as a kind of “gap filler” in principle.

When is Lost Ark in Europe on the market?

Lost Ark is a mix of action role-playing and MMORPG from the developer studio SmileGate. It celebrated its premiere in Russia and South Korea in 2019, the release in the West is scheduled for February 11th 2022 . The game of play mixes classic hack & slay elements with MMO aspects and should ensure as much long-term motivation as possible. In our Special to Lost Ark of PC Games, we have summarized all important details.

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