Ubisoft draws a final line: GTA

Already for almost 10 years Ubisoft tries to establish his own GTA alternative with the Watch Dogs series. Although the games had a success, real tread burners like GTA 5 they were never. It is not surprised that the developers were announced that the update support for Watch Dogs: Legion is set.

Watch Dogs: Legion – GTA alternative does not get any updates

The Funniest Challenge in Watch Dogs: Legion!
While GTA online has been supplied by Rockstar Games with new content since more than 8 years, Ubisoft is at Watch Dogs: Legion after less than one and a half years the puffs already out. As part of an official blog entry, the developers assessed that the Title Update 5.6, which was rolled out in September 2021 the last update for the Open World game was and there would be no other big patches. Source: ubisoft). This applies to both the single and multiplayer, who found his way into the game in March 2021.

In online mode, players can currently take part on the Season 5 named Stripes to secure themselves and Co.. After the end of the Season, Ubisoft only warms up the old content and turns the Seasons 3 to 5 sequentially. Players should get the opportunity to dust rewards that they missed in the past.

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Watch Dogs leaves a lot of potential on the track

The Watch Dogs series has always difficult to establish beside Rockstars’s celebrated GTA series. In each game there were interesting ideas, but which were not consistently finished . Why, for example, should a hacker crew, which would like to spicy as many followers as possible, should be heavily armed with the authorities while putting the entire city in fear and horror?

There was a similar problem with Legion. Thus, the system allows you to transform any NPC to your character, although on the paper for damned a lot of drafts – but since these randomly created persons do not tell any interesting history, * remains a lot of potential on the track. *


Watch Dogs Legion in the test: Please do not shoot!

Alexander Gehlsdorf

How it continues with the Watch Dogs series in the future remains to be seen. Currently, however, the success of the series should remain far behind the expectations of Ubisoft.

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