Valorant: Penalize Movistar Riders for breaching Regulation during departure

On the morning of February 3, Riot Games released a statement where he explains the situation of Movistar Riders . The European Club received a deduction of points in the Spanish Regional League for breaching the Regulation. Like G2 ESPORTS and T1, section cited is 7.2.11, corresponding to unauthorized communications within the parties.

According to the evidence provided, Lucas “Lrojo” Red provided tactical instructions written to the players of it. It occurred in the match against Rix.GG in the second open VCT qualifier of EMEA. Citing the Global Regulation of Valorant, there may only be communication between the players during the confrontations. The coaches should wait for the designated spaces in tactical and technical pauses.

Fixing Penalty Systems

Unlike La Riña between T1 and TSM, there was no disqualification due to the lack.

The sanction corresponds to three points less in the Spanish Regional League, equivalent to a defeat. Movistar Riders is allowed to compete with his current staff, starting his campaign on February 15. He has in front of Koi, Team Hebeits , Giants Gaming , among other teams.

“From the club, we respected the sanction imposed by Riot and apologized to the community for what happened,” wrote Movistar Riders on Twitter. “We will continue working to reach the highest within the Valorant competition,” he finished. As for Lucas Red, he said the following in his Twitter account: “I’m sorry, nothing more to say, Riot is right.”

The community was divided with the sanction. Some applaud that the rules reinforce, but others point out that G2 ESPORTS should have the same penalty. In the case of Samurai, public warning has to do with a celebration and not with tactical instructions. Daniil “Pipson” Meshcheryakov accepted the error of him and the Valorant team will enter the Challengers of Europe without any deduction of points.