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WOW: Boosting ban – Blizzard over cross-server

You certainly heard it: a few days ago, the Blizzard developers have prohibited from nothing with immediate effect of all Bosting Communities in World of Warcraft . Anyone offering as an organization or community boost services, whether for real money or gold, violates the updated guidelines and must expect a punishment to account closure.

Boosting ban – but what about…?

On the table came the topic Boosting / RMT advertising previously in the new forum area of ​​the community council. And after Bexzard announced the new rule, followed there as well as further questions in order to clear away ambiguities. So Sensation wanted to know: if a guild wants to offer cross-server boosting or if a guild server-across advertising is making advertising for such a guild offer, that would be okay?

The answer of Community Manager KAVAX: “Nein, that would not be okay. To create a little more clarity in all players who are currently asking about where we draw the line with this new policy, we want to summarize this point again.

Advertising for gameplay activities should always only be made by WoW characters who want to participate in the respective activity. Cross-server advertising is not allowed, as well as players should not advertise for activities where they will not participate. And the only place where you can get rid of “for gold” offers is the trade channel. Advertising, which is placed in any other chat channel or even in the group search, makes the advertising to the destination of Account penalties. “

Clear that this explanation has raised further questions. What is, for example, if the advertiser suddenly can not participate in the activity due to a comprehensible reason? And what about private chat channels like the Ingame Communities? If there is a lookup of KAivax here, we will of course keep up to date.

Blizzard BANS Boosting Communities in World of Warcraft
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