Anger of a stopped user! “Battlefield 2042” refund request signature topped 130,000

The number of signatures exceeded 130,000 in activities for the “ Battlefield 2042 ” returned by the online signature site “Change.org”.

This signature activity starts about 4 weeks ago for refundable, as well as the crude crude at the time of release in the near-future match FPS “Battlefield 2042” and a bug that is not yet corrected. Once a week ago, there were only 700 signers.

However, two days ago Signature Activities Advance Spread to about 60,000. On the Signature Activity page, if it exceeds 50,000 people, “National Lawyers will take a group prosecution against Electronic Arts (EA).

As of February 10th, the number of signatures has been about twice as much as 120,000, and Sandoshi Nakamoto, a signature-based officer, announced a new statement. According to the statement, it is said that Software License Agreement (EULA) of the EA has recently known to prevent group appeal. On the other hand, if the group prosecution is impossible as “the point to improve the society even if it is not refunded”, the Senator will “create a draft that protects the consumer from the game that takes play expenses” Said.

Here's Why This Could Change Video Game Refunds FOREVER!
The purpose of this draft is to legally set the definition of “(game development) completion” for games that exceed a certain price. Nakamoto shows a series of policies, procedures, and requirements for non-“game” not “FREE-to-play”. The number of signature is already over 130,000 at the time of writing (2022/2/11 10:04). The signature activity page still has a large number of comments for the game by the user, and there is no sign of signature increase.

In addition, the target signature number has already been achieved, but “the ability to change the game industry as the signature will be more likely to be able to change the game industry,” also calls for further signature cooperation. In addition, “Satoshi Nakato”, which is the name of the founder, is the same as the birthplace of the bitcoin. At the end of this statement, “My Identity Hide to Hide So far,” may be pseudonym.