Horizon Forbidden West: Disclave how much it occupies in PS5 and you can do well from Hueco to Aloy

How little remains to be able to enjoy Horizon: Forbidden West, the new adventures starring Aloy , and one of the most desired PlayStation games of recent years.

Horizon Forbidden West - Challenges of the Forbidden West | PS5, PS4

Now, we know an important information regarding the game and the size that is going to occupy on the hard drive of PS5 **, so you can go making space in your console’s memory, since it requires virtually 25% of the System for him alone.

From PlayStation Game Size , usual when filtering this data and also when a game appears in the database, they indicate that we will need 96.350 GB available to install Aloy’s adventures on PS5. This without counting the possible update day one, classic in all recent games. At the moment, there is no data regarding its size on PS4.

As you can see, in Europe weighs 10 GB more than in other regions as in the US, probably by dialogues and location to other languages, such as Spanish. In fact, a few days ago it was confirmed that Michelle Jenner is going to be again Aloy in this sequel.

We remind you that the Launch Date of Horizon Forbidden West is next February 18 and will reach PS4 and PS5.