Sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves will receive new content every month in 2022

A few days ago, Rare announced that they would be making their plans to be disclosed by 2022 via a live broadcast. Well, this transmission has already come to an end, and it seems that this year will be a fairly important one for the players of _ Sea of ​​Thieves. _ If you were waiting for more history content for this pirate game, then today is your lucky day.

The authors of Sea of ​​Thieves revealed that each month will be arriving new events in history that will be developed over two weeks. These events will be accompanied by “kinematic trailers” that will expand the Lore of the Adventure, and here you can see the first of them:

The Next Chapter - Sea of Thieves in 2022

Another fundamental pillar for this year of Sea of ​​Thieves involves mysteries , where players must work as a team to discover more emerging stories. To decipher these mysteries, you should pay attention to certain clues so far from the game, and outside of it. The first of them will involve “solving the murder of a well-known character within Sea of ​​Thieves.”

Not long ago, it was also announced that the title of rare had already exceeded five million copies sold in Steam , a figure that undoubtedly had already grown since then.

Editor’s note: I think Rare managed to return this game, because you will remember that he initially suffered from many criticisms due to his little content and little variety of activities. As the years passed, their developers revived Sea of ​​Thieves with new content, events, expansions and more things that users have definitely been enjoying.