Dying Light 2: Waffenupgrades

In the world of Dying Light 2: Stay Human there are no firearms. They were taken from the population and ammunition can not be found for a long time. Therefore, the population in Villedor has to rely on dull and sharp melee weapons. However, they can pour up again properly to extend your trip to the next GRE device for a true barbecue.

The more rare, the better

How many upgrades fit into your weapon depends on your rarity that you can recognize at the color.

  • Gray weapons: 0 upgrade versions
  • Green weapons: 1 upgrade version
  • Blue and purple weapons: 2 upgrade versions
  • Yellow weapons: 3 upgrade versions

The versions differ in the different categories tip , shaft , handle and Talisman . Handle mods can only be attached to legendary yellow weapons. Talismans everywhere, but they mostly did not have a playful impact if you look from one exception: the Kolek Talisman. How to get that, Samara explains to you in this article:

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Elemental about elements

Top and shaft upgrades basically cause the same. You give your weapon an additional element next to the base damage.

Fire puts opponents on fire and causes damage over time. There is a chance that the effect is gripping around and other enemies are also victims of flames. Especially in the fight against zombies very useful, which are always stunned when the effect is over.

Electric shock causes massive damage to individual goals. Again, there is a chance that other opponents are hit. However, the chance of our experience seems to be lower than with fire.

Gift causes relatively little damage, but allows the execution of parkour maneuvers, as enemies are staggering. But that is only worthwhile in the fight against human enemies, which makes the upgrade rather worse.

Frost you can honestly ignore. Ice stuns a single enemy so he no longer moves. We therefore see no benefit, as almost all fights take place against several opponents.

Detonation causes uniquely damage and throws enemies. The plural here is intention, because the mod always meets everything before you. Easily suitable for control over the battlefield.

Bleeding causes very little damage, but over a longer time. We see no advantage over the other effects.

Happy coincidences or controlled chaos


You will noticed that there are several elementary mods for a socket. Here you can determine how the effects of the weapon are to be triggered.

Krit mods (tip + shaft) are randomly triggered if you cause a critical goal. There it is practical that these mods also increase your chance to exactly this. Improved the mods and there are even more critical.

Kraft mods (tip) invite themselves with each blow. At level 1, for example, you have to land a total of 24 hits until the mod is ready. Then you can trigger him with a heavy blow with holding the right trigger. Higher stages reduces the number of beats required.

Spreng mods (shaft) give you full control over the effects of the weapon. By key combination, you can directly trigger the elemental effect that is distributed in a large explosion in front of you. However, that has a cooldown, which is 3 minutes on level 1. You can reduce the cooldown with improvements to the mods.

Repair weapons thanks to upgrades

Unfortunately, you can not repair good weapons in Dying Light 2. Bring your favorite sword in combat, it is lost and you have to get along what you find in the next greuhuhe.

But upgrades can massively increase the life of your weapons. Because every time you insert a mod in your weapon, the durability improves around 50 points . So wait until your weapon is broken enough and then does it with a mod.

Legendary weapons can you give you an additional 150 durability thanks to the three versions. And there is not yet involved that one of the handle mods reduces the durability consumption for every stroke. This can double the life of your weapons than double.

What are your favorite mods in Dying Light 2 and which good weapons did you find?