Activision Blizzard: Microsoft

What the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal means for gamers
In conversation with CNBC, Microsoft President Brad Smith once more clarified that even after the fully completed takeover of Activision Blizzard, continue to appear title of the company for PlayStation consoles.

Rather, it even be the plan to publish popular titles such as the Shooter series Call of Duty in the future for the Nintendo Switch:

“One of the things that we are very clear during the progression of the regulatory review of this acquisition is that great title by Activision Blizzard, such as Call of Duty, will continue to be available on the Sony PlayStation.”

“We would like to publish you on Nintendo devices. We want to publish the other popular titles of Activision Blizzard and make sure you continue to be available on PlayStation and that you will be available for Nintendo. “

“The first acquisition that was made after Satya Nadella CEO was minecraft. That was in September 2014. And what we have done with this takeover is in my opinion a clear indicator of what we hope for from the activision Blizzard acquisition. “

“In fact, to invest more in innovation, making it accessible to more people to bring it to more platforms, making it even more useful and hopefully make it more pleasant to people who use it.”

In a recent published blog, Smith had already reaffirmed that the publication of popular Activision Blizzard titles for PlayStation was also considered in the future:

“To tell it clearly, Microsoft will continue to provide Call of Duty and other popular activision blizzard titles during the term of existing agreement with Activision on PlayStation.”

“And we committed ourselves to Sony to provide them with the existing agreement, in the future on PlayStation, so that Sony fans can continue to enjoy the games they love.”