Bless unleashed

Com2us Holdings, Radish Martial Arts RPG,

Com2us Holdings (representative law) announced on the 15th that Mobile RPG, ‘Moorim Baek (Global Service Name: Tracksuit Hero: AFK) was released through Google Play and Apple App Store’s two market.

Com2us Holdings, who has been promoting a successful global entry by excavating domestic and overseas promising games, is a project that handles the Jiangsu Development company, ‘Game Bless Edio (Representative Limite)’.

The ‘Molimbols’ refers to the RPG genre. The main character, which was watching the program that makes the adorable program of Moorim, and she had the growth and various adventure stories that were experienced as they suck into the TV. You added convenience in the automatic combat method, and you can feel the joy that is strong whenever you have a system that will continue to grow during the game.

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The 2D graphics of the style of Natt can feel the perfume of the classic game, and the comic element is appropriate for the Cartoon style cuts that can appreciate the story of the game.

Global launch memorial events are also opened. We present a powerful legendary weapon, ‘Prefectural Growth’ to all users accessing the game until the first day of next month. It also opened ‘black shop’, which is an event shop until 21st month. In a black shop, you can collect ‘Black Honor’ that can be obtained from ‘Molim Field’ content.