[Genui] When attacked, Rather good Top 5

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Dying to die.

Always be safe to be a pool.

If you do not want to wear it.

Important thing.

Ferocious Dinosaur Moments | Top 5 | BBC Earth

However, there is always an exception to the world. Because the tendency is because of the pole M, it is because of the eyes of the new world, If the attack is attacked, the gamer, the more the heart of the gamer, the lower the heart of the gamer, and the character to shout “rather good”. Although it is a world that you do not want to know by personally, sympathy, let’s take a look at the top 5 people of this world.

TOP 5. Kill me soon! Quickly!!! Jillian Ultimate

There are a few champions that cause the League of Legend, too, and the most representative character is the most representative character, so I would like to be a grandfather of Gillian. The champion of the parliamentary of the parliament for a while ago. The ultimate of this grandfather is a resurritue that is a resurrection that is filled with a stamina for a certain period of time, but it is a good condition that the ultimate group is attacked and dies when the technology is not dying until the technology is released.

Oh, of course Iron 4 (in the past, in the past) in the club. The palace is to run away from the Busy dealer, the tanker full of stamina, the friendly tanker, the friendly, a friendly gladian, a ghost. Well, in this world, I do not have to be successful, but I do not have to succeed in this world, but I do not have to be successful.

TOP 4. I hurt the bridge, but I will throw a repair sword, Bush Blade

In 1997, Daejeon Fighting Game released as PS1 ‘Bush was also unique, unique. It is a game like a “samurai showdown” that fights with various weapons, “Samurai Showdown” is a game, there was no stamina gauge, and if the limbs are faithful, they lost the function of the site, and if the body, the battle, “said Battle. Particularly, if the bridge is right, it is in a state that it can not be walked properly, and there was a gamer shouting ‘rather good!’

The reason is that because of the subwildth. Each character has a subwilder in addition to the main meat, which contains a repairing checker, which is a thriving weapon. In general, you need to manipulate the directional keys for use in subwilers. However, in the case of injured the legs, it was possible to disagree with the enemy that could be a surprise to throw a repair without a separate delay. The ventilation is rather good!

TOP 3. Tekken, Rayji, I opened it!

Generally, the fitness system of the Daejeon Fighting Game is at the end of the game, which is 0%, and 0%. I do not know what kind of fighter from our general people to lose my pre-coefficient. Even the immunity is that the females of the torus, the toner of the mouth, nose, eyes, and irregularity, will be “rather good”, The ‘Rage System’ has been added from the Iron 6th.

Rays are activated in 10% ~ 30% of the footsteps, depending on the game version, and the damage to the damage is, as well as increasing wall combo bats, and a powerful buff, such as the use of specially (Raji Art, Rage Drive). Even in the actual professional game, the athlete of the thirteenth shines red and feet, and it is often caused by the rage reverse win, and it is often a true taste spirit, Of course, I do not want to turn on the Rayji, and I do not get rid of the game that I can not come down in the air, so let’s look at the situation.

TOP 2. The second m, Frie Cone ‘Kuuka’

Princess Connect Re: DIVE Dancer Girl Kuuka is’ rather good, I like it, and it shouted and shouting. The meaning of the hand and neck is the unknown (in the world, but not the world, but the world), the chain is made up of the way that the hell is remembrable. So, ‘If you’re nothing, Cuuka! For reference, they are the formal skill name. In fact, Kuuka came out on the sun bar, “Give me me!” If it is shouted, it is called the mentally staggered monsters (;;).

These characteristics are more likely to be moved to the skin character, which is more likely to become more than a representative. The second-melon, which was not a scary, is achieved by the pole, and the nearby energy is approached to the madness to the gamers over the screen. For reference, Kouka is considered to be a character of the character that will not appear in animation, even because of the water level…

TOP 1. I do not want to eat! Metal Slug Zombie Mode

The metal slug series, the transverse scroll game, has no concept on the body, with respect to the body. If the bullet is, the knife, it is immediately when it is right al1. By the way, there is occasionally, there is a case where the attack is not dying and falling into the ideal state. Typically, it is a zombie’s body fluid attack in the first time in Metal Slug 3. It is a zombie without dying if it is right here, and this is ‘rather good’.

When the zombie becomes rapidly slow, the body is hardened, and the jump performance is weakened. However, some attacks are not only a steel body that can bounce, but also the players who want to use a powerful phyto (literally, a technology that sweeps the whole screen) instead of grenades. Eri and Pio shouting a zombie torrent and the appearance of Fioma, but if this is a taste… I will respect it.