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Sadako Rising, the new chapter of the game Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive has unveiled the new chapter of the game Dead by Daylight and this time you will be immersed in an inspired rinu universe. This chapter is called Sadako Rising and features the new Sadako killer under the name of Onryō. The latter comes out of the deep waters of his well in order to haunt his victims. His powers from overseas allow him to appear and give death to his spectators who will end up, the twisted face of terror. Onryō fury is so long that the players will soon be confronted with a fatal destiny, to which only the most determined will be able to escape. Although the flickering light of a screen has long been a comfort of comfort, the simple view of a TV will soon give them thrills in the back.

_ “Ringu integrates the psychological horror at our game, which is very different from the slasher style to which our fans are used. They can expect Sadako to propose surprising game mechanics that are not found in other killers, “sharing Dave Richard, creative director of Dead by Daylight. “Survivors, beware! She will glaze the blood! »_


Dead by Daylight | Sadako Rising | Reveal Trailer
_ “I am very honored that this emblematic Japanese horror character makes his entry into the mist. Sadako, with his long black hair and white dress, is a tragic woman, beautiful and worthy, but she takes you into her peaceful terror. The Dead by Daylight team did a great job of representing its characteristics in the game. I am convinced that it will be a chapter not like the others. In addition to the new killer, several other aspects evoke the rinu world In the game. I think the players will be delighted to see how this universe integrates with Dead by Daylight, while they will tremble with fear, “shared Reiko Imayasu, producer, kadokawa corporation._

This chapter also allows you to finish the story of Yoichi Asakawa, the hero of the movie Ringu appears in 1998.

Yoichi Asakawa: The story that has never been told

It is haunted by the loss of loved ones and darkened by the shadow of evil. His career is far from over. Yoichi Asakawa’s young life was forever healed by Sadako’s fury. Presented for the first time in the original version of the film Ringu in 1998 while still a little boy, Yoichi is the only hero of the Japanese franchise worship to survive the curse of Sadako. His reappearance in Dead by Daylight is the first opportunity for fans to reconnect with the child cherished more than 20 years after his escape and to finally know what he has happened to him. Today, a respected marine biologist, his story continues when his search for responses conducts through dangerous waters, deep inside a world beyond understanding.


The creative director Dave Richard continues: “Get the trust of Kadokawa to conclude the story of Yoichi Asakawa is a huge honor for me. Choosing to reveal a long-awaited story via a video game is a bold decision, which testifies to the importance of our media in today’s popular culture. »

Unfortunately for amateurs, these will have to wait until March 8 before being able to dive into Sadako Rising. This chapter will be available on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch and Stadia.