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Open World Zombie Survival “DayZ” Large update delivery to realize various modifications and stabilization-New weapons and items added

Bohemia Intaractive is a wide range of uptown Update 1.16 , such as the improvement of the bug of zombie survival “ dayz “, and the stabilization of behavior. did.

This work is a hardcore open world zombie survival. The player is properly managed with food, water, beds, and weapons, and facing sombto’s flocks, etc. Build a base and survive the harsh environment to survive.

This published update 1.16 is focused mainly to a lot of bug fixes, server stabilization, improvement of behavior in gameplay, etc. Some of the update contents are as follows.

# Additional Weapons / Items

  • New weapon “Bizon SMG”

  • 64rd Bizon Magazine

  • Alarm Clock

  • Bike helmet (Variant)

# Correction point

  • Fixed bugs that can not aim at the first target at close fighting

  • Correction of bugs where campfire fire does not disappear

  • Corrected “Fire Mode” of Revolver to “SEMI-AUTO” and “Single”

  • Correction of problem that the amount of damage received when moving with fracture status is unstable

  • Correction of bugs that float the item that has been drilled out

  • Fixed the problem that becomes client error when adding / removing items in the trap

  • Correct hit distance of abused proximity attack

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change point

  • Change the broken item to be unable to be filled in the ground

  • If you eat mushrooms, change the amount of energy recovery and the amount of hydration increases

  • Change the Emergency Kit and Teddy Bear to be repaired by sewing

  • Change to light the gas stove lights

  • Changes that items in tents are also degraded by time course

  • Change to become unreliable during dash

These are a lot of fixes, so please see the official forum for further details.

“DayZ” is on sale for STEAM / Overseas PS4 / Xbox ONE.