World of Warship, early aircraft carrier and airship racing

War gaming (representative: Victor Keisley, www.wargaming.net) said that today’s its maritime combat MMO game ‘World of Warships’ 0.11.1 updates show that new warships and combat types are introduced.

World of Warships Blitz AIRCRAFT CARRIER Tutorial & Gameplay IOS iPhone iPad

The newly emerging warship is the second-rounded eagle and the United States. The two-second aircraft carriers are composed of general conveniences and tactics, and the tactical conference is composed of a very fast jet disperser, which features this feature that it is possible to quickly get raid to the enemy warship in the remote.

New temporary combat type ‘Airship Racing’ is also added. The type can participate in a 10-step warship with 12 to 12 battles. The airship is fucking first before the airship is first arriving or admiring the enemy.

In addition, there are a number of national challenging missions to operate a variety of states in many countries and ensure as many basic experiences as possible. Random combat, rank battle, practice battle, airship racing to personal challenge missions in Gyeongju, and get a newer warship to 6-step new warship DIDO, Canarias, which can be obtained at the end of the mission. It may be.

More details can be found on the official homepage of World of Wars.