Blade and soul

Atlus launches containation related to Shin Megami Tensei Soul hackers

Very mysteriously, atlus has launched a counter in Japanese related to soul hackers. For those who do not know, devil summoner: soul hackers was one of the first games in the series of Shin Megami Tensei, which was originally launched for Sega Saturn in 1996 , and later it was taken to PlayStation in 1999. Little more than a decade later, it was taken to Nintendo 3ds in 2012.

So, is it possible that Soul Hackers can still reach more platforms? Well, it seems yes, but due to the history it has atlus with this type of ads, it could actually be anything. That said the above, several images also appeared on the site during the last hours, so it seems that it is a new game.

This accountant will end the February 21 at 8 PMS Time from downtown Japan, that is, 5am here in Mexico. We will already see if additional details about this mysterious project are releasing.

Atlus to Reveal a BRAND NEW Soul Hackers GAME? Devil Summoner Soul Hackers REMAKE or NEW GAME?

Interestingly, last year Atlus said they had intentions to “launch an important game” this year. How could it be this or something else?