Only 10 days ago: Do not miss the bizarre game from the Xbox Game Pass

In February, the Game Pass was properly filled with titles such as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Telling and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – but subscribers must also say goodbye to a few games. And with Hypnosispace Outlaw , the maybe the Bizarbest Game of the Abo-LineUps leaves the Game Pass on 28 February 2022 on an indefinite time.

This is Hypnospace Outlaw

  • Genre: Internet Simulator, Detective Game
  • Modes: singleplayer
  • Release: 12.03.2019

That’s why it’s about: Can you remember how the internet has looked like in the late 1990s? No? All the better, because Hypnospace Outlaw is at the core the bizarre simulation of a fictitious internet. Here you are browsing through your amateurized websites in which low-resolved JPEGs and strangely animated GIFs give the latch in hand. And in this 56K paradise, you are active as a moderator * to uncover Cyber ​​crimes.

However, the name-giving hypnosis pace is not a classic Internet, but a digital space to visit the paying subscriber with the help of a headband in sleep. While the body rests, the mind goes surfing and clicks through social networks, online stores and private homepages – always authentic and always completely crazy. On behalf of the manufacturer Merchantsoft, you then ensure order so that the launch of the new Hypnospace version can be prepared.

The gameplay essays the use of the hypnospaces almost perfect. In the context of a virtual operating system reminiscent of Windows 98, your icons click on the desktop to open the browser, for example, to change the wallpaper, or to start the music player and let you want to download downloads and downloaded songs in the background. The “90s internet” atmosphere is wonderfully hit, including colorful, shaky font in countless fonts.

Here you can see Hypnospace Outlaw in action:

It’s unbelievably fun to deal with the digital surface and explore the hypnosis pace. The quasi-internet is credibly staged and the different websites and users are linked to each other. This makes digital detective work all the more exciting if you are looking for possible copyright violations, because someone hosts images of a cartoon duck unlawfully on their own blog.

The story of the game unfolds in your mailbox, where you regularly get jobs to search the hypnosis pace for specific cyber crimes. Gradually, you learn more about the background of the platform while keeping access to more “Zones”, which are thematically divided. Some are conservative, some only for teenagers, with other zones, the esoterics frolic, offering questionable remedies for sale.

To enforce Hypnospace Outlaw, your should schedule about 10 hours – well feasible up to the exclusion from the Xbox Game Pass on February 28th 2022.

Xbox Game Pass in February 2022

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