App game for smartphone “Velvet code -Velvet CODE

Gamehours Co., Ltd. is in-house game brand Gamehours, a new smartphone app game “Velvet code -Velvet Code-” was informed of starting service from February 16.

Gamehours Co., Ltd. is a new smartphone app game “Velvet Code -Velvet Code-” in its own game brand Gamehours, and announces that the service started from February 16.

# Notice of service start

The new smartphone app game “Velvet Code -Velvet Code-” announces that the service started from February 16.

How to Download

▼ App Store

▼ Google Play

# Number of pre-registrants 300,000 people break

An app game “Velvet Code -Velvet Code-“, which started service started on February 16, has announced that the pre-registered number of 300,000 people have overlaps.

We will distribute the following present, including the snow breeze (CV: Sakazaka) as a commemorative reward for 300,000 people.

# # Pre-registration reward list

10,000 people break up: fraction × 10,000
30,000 people break up: MECTIVE CHINT × 5
50,000 people breakthrough: Hentai chip × 20
10,000 people breakthrough: Emergency dispatch ID × 10
Eidniatives breakthrough: Rodney (CV: Suwa Aya Flower)
300,000 people breakthrough: Snow wind (CV: Sakazaka Sumire)

# Release Commemorative Twitter Campaign

To commemorate the service start, we will hold a Twitter campaign to hit Amazon Gift Code. You can join in follow & retweet, so please join from the official Twitter.

way to participate

1 Follow the official Twitter

2 Campaign Tweet RT

# Velvet Code-With Velvet Code-

“Velvet Code -Velvet Code-” is an RPG that fights with the girls called the spirits of each country while each country is fighting around the territorial rights, and to defeat the old power “Lugs”. Countries of various individualities are further growing more strongly by deepening the relationship with you as well as combat. Please experience the new world with the Hall.

The official site of “Velvet Code -Velvet Code-” is here

Click here for Twitter account of “Velvet Code -Velvet Code-”

# About “Velvet Code -Velvet Code-“

Title: Velvet Code-Velvet Code-Genre: Barrage Shooting RPG Provider: Gamehours Co., Ltd. Development Company: 9 YOU Operating Company: Wegames Japan (Outsourced Operation) OS: Android / iOS Price: Basic Free ( In-app charges) © 9you all rights reserved. © Gamehours Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved © Gamehours Inc. © WegamesJapan Co., Ltd

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GameHours Company Limited outsourced to operate this game.

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