Marvels Avengers mocks some great changes soon

Venetors of Marvel Fans of PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia are dying by a roadmap for 2022. At this time, those who continue to play the Vegadores I have no idea what Wait and what do not expect from the game for this year. Unfortunately, the developer Crystal Dynamics still does not have this appropriate roadmap, but shared a new “February development update anticipates the next patch of the game that will arrive in March and some of the great changes and improvements on the horizon for the game of Marvel.

The update begins by admitting that “several of the systems created in the launch have not grown and do not offer the most fun superhero team experience.” To this end, the update affirms that the addition of shipments, a redesign of the equipment update system, an optimized resource economy and other recent changes have been an attempt to rectify this problem. Other changes like this are “ongoing and are a substantial part of our short-term development plan.”

Deepening more details, the update continues with a preview of the 2.3 update, which is revealed that it will arrive at some time of March. To this end, Nick Fury returns to lead SHIELD and “coordinate future Missions of the Avengers Initiative together with Director Hill.”

“This comes with a very necessary reworking of WAR TABLE and the missions selection system. We are changing the way you find, select and launch missions on the leveling trip along the Avengers’ initiative, “adds the update. “Our main objective is to improve the flow of new players to reduce frustration in the leveling process. The most organized and directed experience will also create larger and concentrated matching groups for top-level players ».

The update continues:

“We are also taking advantage of the opportunity to use what we learned last year to further balance the advantages of equipment. We have seen some incredible constructions and we plan to create an even wider variety of powerful constructions to discover and play. Along with a wider variety of constructions, we will make equipment sets through a larger set of game activities to provide more options to look for the perfect construction in its own way. The new shipment system added in 2.2 has been very successful by providing another way rewards while rewarding the game, but has had a quite important impact on our units economy. We plan to make adjustments in the next patch by adding units as additional rewards to a series of final game activities. The last update experienced with allowing players gains weekly rewards by completing the omega-level threat and the incursion for each of their heroes, not only once on account. We liked that the results of that, and we are planning to extend that system by hero to Mega Hives. In the next update. Finally, we will continue to prioritize critical errors, such as improving the stability of incursions and players’ comments on where we must make adjustments ».

Here is, more or less, where the update ceases. At this time, we do not know when the Update will be launched 2.3 in March, and it is not clear what main content, if any, will come later this year.