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When will Dead Island 2 finally appear? – Information from the studio

Recently, we had reported that Dead Island 2 could actually come to the market after very long silence at the end of 2022. This possibility had evidenced the industry insider Tom Henderson on YouTube and caused according to anticipation. But it was noticeable then the note that you keep the option open to move the release to the spring 2023 , it should come to problems. Now the Embracer Group, owners of the publisher Deep Silver , came to the topic at a Q & A session , which followed the report to the last financial quarter.

When is Dead Island 2?

The CEO of the Embracer Group , Lars Wingefors, was asked directly when Dead Island 2 (Buy Now). The period referred to by the Q & A Host Oscar Erixon was the next financial year, which ends in spring 2023 . Unfortunately, Wingefors could not or did not want to comment on this period, but his answer is quite interesting anyway:

I can not talk about Dead Island 2, since nothing is announced by the publisher. We have just talked about an unannounced triple-a game, from which you [the Q & A host] think it’s Dead Island 2. It is difficult for me to further comment on the whole. But I’m looking forward to unannounced titles. “

How useful is this statement?

The bizarre at this statement is that Dead Island 2 already 2014 was officially announced. An official release date, in turn, has not been officially not announced, which Wingefors most likely relate to the term announcement. The game was very long due to numerous developers change.

Nevertheless, the Sequel appears to the popular zombie shooter in the cooking media list on announced games, which were shown as part of the financial presentation. Surely a lot of speculation is in the game when it comes to such vague statements.

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Henderson’s recent prognosis should provide such a response certainly greater weight, combined with the visual reaction of the CEO. This responded almost mischievously to the question of the host.

In addition, the answer was also a little friendly, almost as if everyone involved knows that it’s just a matter of time until we learn more. Certainly one would like to apply no kitchen psychology at this point, but it does not necessarily seem like when the Embracer Group is a release to a release by spring 2023.

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