WhatsApp takes Update back: User must refrain from function

At WhatsApp, there are always innovations. But this time one is withdrawn.

Dortmund – who regularly sends messages via WhatsApp, can often use new features. Most recently, there were messengers in the profile images *. But now WhatsApp pulls a function back, as Previously * reports.

WhatsApp innovation withdrawn again: That’s behind it

The reason: Previously, the innovation has encountered great criticism of users. Originally, WhatsApp had changed the arrangement of contacts in the messenger. Actually, these were listed alphabetically if you start a new chat or wanted to get an overview. With the new function of WhatsApp, however, “frequent contacts” in the list are back up, as CHIP reports.

Means: people who have already exchanged messages at WhatsApp more often would be arranged at the top and sorted almost by popularity, instead of their initial letter. But even here there were gradations: because “recent chats”, ie users who have just recently sent messages were displayed further above.

Users criticize new function at WhatsApp – Messenger reacts

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However, in some WhatsApp users, this change did not matter well. Also, that the messenger maybe will soon be charged *, should not please every1. Under a tweet of the blog “WABETAINFO”, it hails criticism. The profile regularly informs about innovations of the messenger and functions that are previously tested in the so-called beta version of the app and can be introduced soon.

Also WhatsApp himself seems to have heard this criticism. Because now the feature is no longer found.

New WhatsApp update concedes new function again

Means: who view his contact list, to write about a new contact with WhatsApp, again finds an alphabetical arrangement.

If that is not yet the case with all users, one should be patient for a while. Usually WhatsApp sends his updates in waves and not necessarily to all users at the same time. Whether the Messenger changes his contact list again soon remains to be seen. _ * Previously is part of the editorial network of ips.Media._

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