Destiny 2

Hyde on the list of god ignition code – Destiny 2

Grenadas were in Mete since they were added to Destiny 2. None of them is terrible in drawing damage, but some are definitely better in this. Ignition Code can be one of the best grenade launchers in the game if he can get the right bonuses. Here is our choice for the god of the ignition code.

This weapon was presented in the mutant season. The ignition code may fall out of everything that is associated with the mutant season, for example, from the gloomy engrams, completion of overriding and the mutant reputation packages. Ignition Code will disappear with the launch of The Witch Queen, so you should farm one of them, while you have the opportunity.

Roller of God PVE

PVE tends to be very subjective from the point of view of the game style, which a little complicates the definition of an accurate throw of God. In this case, the ignition code has a wide selection of privileges This can work perfectly in PVE.


  • Barrel – unstable start / hard launch
  • Shop – blinding pomegranates / sipseous grenades
  • Damage 1 – Slide Shot
  • feature 2 – Dangerous area / sparkling weapon / rabies / demolition
  • Masterwork – Explosion Radius

Destiny 2: The BEST PvE Grenade Launcher since Mountaintop ????

Roller god pvp

This type of weapon is always an excellent option in PvP . The ability to discard grenades for corners makes it a valuable asset. Ignition Code is an excellent choice for those who still need a good grenade launcher for PVP.


  • Stem – Hard Start
  • magazine – contactless grenades
  • Damage 1 – Slide Shot
  • feature 2 – sparkling weapons / rabies
  • Masterwork – Explosion Radius

The ignition code is a strong grenade launcher, and players must try to make a good throw before the weapon disappears when the queen of witches launches. Finally, remember that often God Rolls is subjective and may not reflect the style of each game. The perfect scroll of God will satisfy all human needs.

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