Pokemon Go: Promo Code for February 2022 – Free

For Pokémon Go, you secure a promo code in February 2022 . Findige Reddit users have come across a voucher that brings you 31 free items. According to the information, the code “7azghwu6Dwv84” (without quotation marks) add 30 poké balls and once smoke to your inventory. How long the code can be redeemed in Pokémon Go is not known. But you should not leave you too much time. In addition, REDDIT is to read that the promo code works perfectly with many players – and the 31 free items are brought.

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Promo code at Pokémon Go redeem

Locally, hobby coaches also report that the code can not be redeemed. It is therefore only possible for you to enter the promo code for Pokémon Go just. To redeem the promo code at Pokémon Go under Android, you first switch to the Ingame shop in the game. Scrolls on the screen at the bottom and enter 7AZGHWU6DWV84. Confirm the input. Then the items are available in your adventure.

  • Promo Code : 7AZGHWU6DWV84

Under IOS, the input works slightly different, but also straightforward: Here you must first surf the Niantic website. If you arrived on the page, you will contact your account data and then enter the promo code for Pokémon Go for February 2022. Confirm the input. Then you can open Pokémon Go on your iPhone and pick up the free items. In which events you can use the items in February 2022, you will learn in our overview under this link.

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