Bethesda will close your client in May and migrate your library to Steam

Bethesda You have announced that it will close the launcher in PC from Behesda.Net in May of this year. Through your official blog you have also clarified that it will be possible to migrate our Game Library and wallet to Steam from the beginning of April, following a process that will concretize as the dates approach, and we can do it in Any time from which it is available, also after May. In the games that require you, we will continue to keep our username to log in and the account will continue active on your website.

In fact, it will also be possible to migrate the saved games of “many games”, although in some of them the transfer will have to be done manually. In any case, they have mentioned that they will give more details from next month at a time closest to the possibility of migrating the data, and for now they have been limited to answering some frequently asked questions.

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In addition to the doubts that have already been mentioned, they clarify that it will be the independent DLC Wolfenstein: YoungBlood that will remain outside the transfer of games at the moment, although they suggest that they will continue working on it. We also know that all the coins in-game will be transferred from their games as a service, and discard the possibility of transferring the library and wallet to PlayStation or Xbox consoles or other PC platforms beyond Steam.

You will also focus on the list of friends at Bethesda.Net at Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Rage 2, Deathloop, Fallout 76. The latter has its own frequently asked questions website in relation to the closure of the launcher, where they reaffirm data transfers already clarified in the general FAQ.