Is this contents with Project MOD? Creators Invitational 2021 awards ceremony

The content production competition in the new development in Nexon ‘Project Mod’ has completed the last winners after the agency of the content production competition in the “Project MOD”. Creators ‘Creators Invitational 2021 (CI 2021)’ awards ceremony ‘Creators Invitational 2021 (CI 2021)’ is held in virtual space on the 25th.

University of Michigan Science Olympiad Awards Ceremony 2022

Previously, Nexon operated the competition of the contents of the content of the content ‘CI 2021’ to create a world ‘CI 2021’ last year from November to 3 months. Participants used the development tools provided by the platform to create direct content and released in the specified period of time. As a result, the contents of various colors containing creative ideas of the creators were published through ‘Project Mod’.

The awards ceremony to cover the excess of the content born with ‘CI 2021’ was opened online with many creators on the special award stage of “Project Mod”. Among the contents of the competition period, the completion of comprehensive planning and development completion, scalability, etc. The event was conducted in a way that MC is awarded a winner, and the Avatar of the winner was on stage.

At the awards ceremony, the worlds with various concepts such as board games, contributions, and story games, including the genre genre, were selected as excellence. Among these, the ‘MOD Detective Office’ was awarded the subject that stimulates the imagination, the quality of the quality in the quality of the internal map design, and a high completeness of the planned reasoning method. “I have not yet implemented” I have not yet implemented “I have not been able to implement the story mode, and then continue to develop the world.”

In addition, Nexon has been working on a certificate of communication with the creepts that contributed to others ‘world fabrication, and then in order to work with the competitors’ competitors. For all the winners of ‘CI 2021’, the Procedure Exemption Benefits will be provided with the “Project MOD” development room with the prize money.

At the end of the event, the Creator Invitation Event ‘Gather! Project MOD ‘was surprised. In a manner that provides an invitation code to provide an invitation code so that the ‘CI 2021’ competitors can introduce “Project Mod” to their acquaintances, they have yet to have an invitation code, You can develop content jointly or design BM.

Shin Min-seok, who revealed the appearance of an individual avatar at the ‘CI 2021’ awards ceremony, said, “I sincerely thank you for everyone who participated in CI 2021 for a long time.” I said. He also said, “I am preparing a lot of amazing things this year,” I would like to ask you a lot of expectations. “

On the other hand, ‘Project Mod’ is a newly presented content production and service platform from Nexon to a professional production environment that can make a world to professional developers from the public. A vast graphic asset of popular IP, ‘Maple Story’, provides free of charge within a platform and supports a high degree of freedom to take advantage of the UGC (User Generated Content). Nexon is a plan to provide creative fun to implement the world imagined through ‘Project Mod’.