Release decision by replica script order sales for “MOTHER2 Gigs Counterattack” -22nded with the theme of “MOTHER”

Forever, the second side following the first place of the theme of “ MOTHER ” announced the release of a replica screen with the theme of “ MOTHER 2 Gig’s Counterattack “.

This time, as a second place to continue the first bullet, which is the theme of “ MOTHER “, which is famous for the scenario of the “ MOTHER ” series, is a representative, as a second place followed by the first bullet, “ MOTHER ” * MOTHER2 Gig’s Counterattack ** A replica screen is launched. In addition, it will be sold for orders in a period from 11:00 am to March 31, 2022, 2022.

MOTHER2 Gig’s Counterattack ” is the RPG launched in 1994 as a second work of the “ MOTHER ” series, making full use of some kind of super capabilities called PSI, Geek It is to compete with an alien called. Ness, which is the main character, has also appeared as a fighter smash Brothers as a fighter, and there may be a stage derived from this work, and there is also a person who knows the character without knowing this work. Is not it.

This time, it is five types of “ONet” “Winters” “Four Side” “Moon Side” “Four Side” “Moon Side” “Past Country”, which can be checked here. Also, the amount can be selected from three types of red, black and wood grain, and there are two types of size. Each price is 37,400 yen including tax, and small tax included 16,500 yen.

It may be too much to say that only the game is always thinking, but it is not a game that does not get tired, or a game that loves nostalgic memories will be revived every time, everyone who likes games 1 Don’t you have a book or two books? It is no exaggeration to say that the work that feels happy every time you look like an interior, and the work that feels happy every time you see it is a treasure for the gamer.

While looking as an interior that appeals to gaming (?) Games, how is it?