“Employees and families survive” “S. T. A. L. K.e.r.2” Development Interruption-Believe Ukraine Winning Believe Development

The impact of Ukrainian invasion from Russia, which began on February 24, has spread rapidly in the game industry. GSC Game World, which is developing the “ S. T. A. L. K.e.r. ” series, announced the development interruption of the new work “ S.t.A.L.K.E.R.2 ” currently under development. In addition, video is also published, and it is intended to be aware that peace and peace can change instantly.

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The published video starts with the motion capture video to introduce the end of the cut scene creation. Jump and roll up on the table. It is a shooting scene that will look forward to what will be done if you complete the gun, such as sticking to the stationary party.

Immediately after that, the scene is turned rotally with the subtitles “last week old. A missile that drains and explodes on the TV tower. Burning flame burning into the building of the rubble. Cluster bombs and consecutive small explosives. Armored car on fighter flying low. If you do, you may want to think of a movie or game one scene, but in reality, the state of the war that you are currently awake will flow one after another. And “Ukraine”, this one word is considered to be concluded while leaving heavy afterglows.

The “ STALKER ” series is a region that can be found in the area that can be discovered only in the area, with the area called Zone who suddenly appeared around the Chernobyl power plant, and the army and the nation FPS that talks about talking with many factions such as led research institutes. Tarukovski’s movie “Stalker” and Strugs Key ‘s “Probe” works with the motif, “Shadow of Chernobyl” “Clear Sky” “Call of Pripyat” has been released so far.

This time, “ STALKER2 ” announced the development interruption was originally announced in 2011, but there is also the business difficulty of GSC GAME WORLD, and development is proceeded in April 2022. I was. The scheduled release date has been postponed on December 8, 2022. The first “Shadow of Chernobyl” was announced from 2003 to the end of 2007, and the release postponed for 4 years, and “Stalker Forever” is also called “Stalker Forever” There are also voices of fans who are used to “. On the other hand, this development interruption is character-intensive and unforeseen situations, and it goes without saying that it is quite different from the previous release postponement, but all the people involved in the game than the completion of the game It is a frank wish that you want safe and lives to give top priority.

In addition, the following statement is announced from GSC Game World, and we are calling for assistance to Ukraine army.

Besides this GSC Game World, there are many game companies in both countries in Ukraine Russia, and it is expected that more wars will come out in the future. I just hope the early resolution of the situation.